Confused: Any info appreciated

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>I have completed my nomination interviews and await a response. However, I am at a stage where I do not know what to do next. Now, do I just wait for a response from the Senator and Congresman.
Any info would be appreciated, as I have always wanted to attend a service academy and want to make sure that Im not missing anything. </p>

<p>Also, has anyone here attended the Prep school. I see this as a option for me as it was brought up in my interview. I am extremely open to the idea and would like so more info other than what I can get from the website.</p>


<p>there are alot of us here who are at or have been to prep school...its not a bad deal if you want to end up at WP</p>

<p>all you can really do now though is wait, good luck</p>

<p>I am currently at a Prep school NMMI as a West Point prep. Its ok, WP would be a lot better. The greatest ally you have is self advocacy. Constantly update your file with WP and talk to people. It can't hurt. Always keep your options open, prep schools, ROTC, SMP. There are many ways you can get a commission or avenue into WP</p>

<p>Mike - Make sure that your WP application packet is complete - have you submitted your CFA results, have you adressed any DoDMERB issues, have you reported your SATs/ACTs? Send in your updated transcript at the end of the semester. Other than that there is nothing to do but wait...
Good luck!</p>

<p>I think he was talking about USMAPS, not the other prep schools, no offense. If Prep is offered to you, take it. It is a marvelous way to enter West Point. Our son went to Prep and enjoyed it immensely. The school is still located at FT Monmouth, and you will find most of your weekends free. It is a short walk to the train out the back gate and then on into NYC. Most of the time you can ride for free, if the conductor is nice. Or you could bum a ride with someone who has a car and go to the beach which is about three minutes away. Lots of options for weekend activities. Red Bank is a nice town with some nice shops. "The Boss" is from Red Bank. It's a great way to learn about the Army, which is what you will be doing after WP, and you get to do things you won't be able to once you pass through Thayer Gate. They recently rebuilt the barracks in 2001. Not sure how long it will remain in NJ due to BRAC. Any other specific questions?</p>

<p>None taken.</p>

<p>The point made above is that there are several paths that lead to West Point other than the direct from high school route. Two paths that are referred to above by the contributors are the USMA Prep School (USMAPS) in New Jersey, or from a West Point Association of Graduates (AOG) sponsored scholarship at a civilain prep school. The two AOG approved prep schools that come to mind are New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in Roswell, New Mexico and Marion Military Institute (MMI) in Marion, Alabama. Make no mistake...none of the three schools are West Point. They are not garden spots or country club colleges. None guarantee a candidate in a spot in the upcoming class at West Point. They do, however, greatly improve your chances of gaining admission into West Point. </p>

<p>As a general rule, it is my understanding that the AOG scholarship recipients were qualified to be admitted to West Point, but that something in the process caused a problem, e.g., problems with DoDMERB, an overly talented applicant pool from a competive nomination pool, or they got involved in the admission process late. They did, however, catch someone's eye in the Admission's Office who felt the kid had what it takes to succeed at West Point. As a result, they were offerred an AOG Scholarship for a one year "stay" at a civilian prep school.</p>

<p>My son is at Marion and seems to have a love-hate relationship with it. The physical plant is a little old and tired and it is in rural Alabama. They have physical trainig every weekday morning and study hall every night. There are certain times during the year that they can not leave campus. On the other hand, the faculty is fantastic and the other AOG sponsored cadets are top notch. My son is getting more personal attention than he did at his small private high school. At Parents Weekend I was amazed at how sharp the other AOG sponsored cadets were. There are also other cadets sponsored by the Falcon Foundation (USAFA), the United States Naval Academy Foundation and the United States Coast Guard Academy Foundation in the Service Academy Program at Marion. Based on what I have read in the last year, Marion appears to be the most well liked program by the cadets. </p>

<p>All of this is a long way of saying to consider all of your options. Let your MALO or Admissions officer know that your are amenable to USMAPS or an AOG sponsored prep school. In five years it won't matter which path you took to get to West Point, only that you got to West Point. Good luck.</p>

<p>Agreed, Absolutely. If you truly want to gain admission to any of the Academies, you will do what is necessary to show your committment. It matters not how you made it, but that you succeeded. If anything, it will make you a better cadet because of the better understanding you have about sacrifice and determination. </p>

<p>FWDAD's comment about the physical plant being old and tired could be said for USMAPS or even, dare I say, West Point? Unlike Annapolis, the barracks have no air conditioning and a solid stone building retains heat very well during July and August. Don't get me wrong, the buildings are beautiful, just not all of them are fully air conditioned. It is not a walk in the park after you arrive at the Academy, so might as well get used to it beforehand because at some point you will probably be sent to FT Benning and that place is "all kinds of" hot!</p>

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Always can have fun</p>