Confused between ED to Brown and ED to Washington University in St Louis

Hey guys, i’m an international student applying this year as an Applied Math major. I am currently deciding on my ED college, and I am very confused between Brown and WashU. I know that WashU has an ED II, so should I take that opportunity and ED I to Brown or ED I to WashU. My counsellor suggests that I ED I to Brown, but I am very confused. Overall I like the culture at Brown, but both have great Math programs and are great schools. I’m having a really tough time deciding, so if any of you guys could please help me,it’d be great.

Sorry, my counsellor wants me to ED I to WashU

Do you know why?

Both schools are reaches, both need aware. Are you applying for financial aid?

I know nothing about the strength of your app, but if you are a legitimate candidate for these schools, pick the one that seems to be the best fit. I like your idea of applying EDI to Brown, and if that doesn’t work out, EDII to WashU.

Do you have safety schools on your list?

You can ED to Brown and then ED2 to Wash U. I think your counselor thinks your best shot of getting into one of those schools is to ED1 to Wash U. S/He doesn’t think you are as likely to get into Brown and that you need every bit of possible advantage to get into Wash U. You do have a better chance of having gained acceptance to your first choice school(which would be Wash U) if you proceed that way. It looks good for a school to have as many kids get into first choice college.

No, I am not applying for financial aid. As for safety schools, I do have 4 of them on my list. As for why she wants me to ED I to WashU, she says that I would have a better chance of getting in there since they have a 34% ED acceptance rate.

Well, she is correct. ED to Wash U is your best chance. It’s one and done that way. But you lose out a possibility of going to Brown. No idea what the difference is between ED1 and 2 Wash U rates. That can vary among colleges and they often do not break them out.