Confused International Student

<p>i am an international student from the philippines who is currently residing in AZ. I am planning on taking my freshmen and sophomore year in CGCC, one of the community colleges here in Arizona. i just recently took TOEFL and got a score of 111. I was wondering if it was possible to actually transfer my junior year into an out of state from a community college. hopefully (UCLA, UCLB, Stanford, Yale, Harvard) i'm trying to pursue a business degree. Do you think it is possible to do this? Will they look at my high school GPA and college GPA? I did okay in high school. I couldn't take any honors classes since i moved to Arizona for my senior year. I have a 3.7 unweighted average, don't know my final one yet. I was rank 24 out of 240 students. What should i do. Should i just transfer for sophomore year? will any of the universities out of state accept classes i took in a community college in AZ? is it better if i studied in Arizona State university my freshmen year then move to an out of state university my sophomore or junior year? Please help me on what would be the best thing to do. Is it also possible to get scholarships? if yes, please let me know where i can get applications for them.</p>

<p>Harvard doesn't accept transfers, and Yale accepts very very few. Yale considers high school records and standardized testing, I'm not sure about the others.</p>

<p>I don't know enough to answer your other questions, though.</p>

<p>There are few scholarships for transfer students.</p>

<p>As an int'l, you can't get any aid from a UC school.</p>

<p>Harvard is now accepting transfers after not accepting them for several years. However, it's harder to transfer in to Harvard than it is to get in as a high school senior. Considering that about 7 in 100 high school student applicants are accepted, the odds of a transfers being accepted are extremely long. For information, check Harvard's web site.</p>

<p>Yeah, i was informed that there is not much aid offered to international students unless you can find a private organization who is willing to support you and maybe hire you after college. what are some of the good and reputable universities i should look into applying if i will pursue a business degree? Do you think they will accept my credit transfers and would i need to take SAT's to get admitted or would my toefl do. And is my score of 111 for the TOEFLibt low?</p>