Confused. Peddie/ Nmh?

<p>Reading your posts, I got confused.
For me, an international student who wants to enter a TOP university 2 years later, Peddie or NMH, which one should I choose?</p>

<p>Go to NMH! I'm going! :DD</p>

<p>If going to a TOP university is your sole criteria in selecting a boarding school, go to Peddie. NMH wants students with diverse interests, passions, and desire for learning for the sake of learning, not grade-hounds who view BS solely as a way-station or opportunity to credential oneself for colleges.</p>

<p>Where are you from ? Do you need Financial aid ?</p>

<p>What grade did you apply for ?</p>

<p>I got accpeted by those two and has not decided which to go to. No FA. Chinese student.</p>

<p>TOP university is valued considerable importance to me.</p>

<p>Also, friendly atmosphere and good environment, good facilities and academic, are important.</p>

<p>Peddie has great college matriculation. I felt that it was very friendly and had a great sense of community. The campus is wonderful and I thought that it was pretty, but some people do not. The academics seem great, too. They have a big course selection and the teachers are well qualified. Good luck in you choice!</p>

<p>P.S. I might be biased, because I am probably going to Peddie next year.</p>

<p>rocncyber what do you think about other standard despite of college?</p>

<p>If you are a good student both of these schools will allow you get into a top school. They both have students go to ivies. I don't know anything about Peddie, but NMH has a unique semester system. To simplify it, you take 3 classes at a time. (Keylyme could explain it better) The advantage is that you could take 6 AP's (if you were up to it) in a year. They also have integrated classes so that you are not learning subjects in isolation i.e. physics and algebra, humanities rather than just English. </p>

<p>We also liked the diversity of the student body at NMH. Although my son is into sports, you don't need to be to fit in. It has a beautiful New England campus.</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Peddie has a really pretty campus.
My friend attends, and she absolutely loves it there.
It was one of the few schools that I was able to visit during the summer, and I actually really liked the campus, it had a friendly enviroment.</p>

<p>getting into a top US college as an international, particularly one that need financial aid, is very difficult -- no matter where you attended high school.</p>

<p>Top colleges look at far more than grades and test scores, they also look at how you have contributed to your community and what your potential is to contribute in the future. They look for leadership positions, awards, extracurricular activities and more.</p>

<p>So the answer to your question is that the school that provides more of these opportunities for you is the one you want to attend -- if you love dance and one school has a better dance department, attend that one. </p>

<p>Take a look at the opportunities that each school offers both in academics, athletics and other activities and see which one you feel fits you best -- the one you will be able to excel at. Then you will have your school.</p>

<p>If your student wants to go to a top university, then s/he can certainly get there via NMH. The academics are rigorous and the school's profile is highly respected. Kids are admitted to Ivies with 3.5-ish gpa's and to top LAC's with 3.0's....I think that does demonstrate how strong the academics are and that the colleges also recognize it.</p>

<p>very true, hsmomstef</p>

<p>As a parent of an accepted NMH student, I'd just as soon see anyone whose only motivation to go to boarding school is to gain access to "top university" go elsewhere. I'd like D to be with people who are interested in learning for the sake of learning, not credentialling. That's what attracted us to NMH in the first place.</p>

<p>I think Peddie has a good student body, too, and not many kids whose only goal is to get into an Ivy. Both are wonderful schools, and the OP may be in for a surprise when it comes time for college acceptances to arrive, no matter what choice he/she makes now.</p>

<p>Well, yes, that then brings us to the question, "What, exactly, is a 'top' university?" and just how important is prestige and brand-recognition to us?</p>