confused prospective art kid, need advice please!

<p>I'm having difficulty concerning which "college" within NYU to apply to.</p>

<p>I'm just your typical art student with a "solid" art portfolio. I'm interested in animation, industrial and communication design, and all sorts of stuff atm.</p>

<p>I just don't know yet. I haven't tried out any of them, besides a simple stop motion video I made because I was bored.</p>

<p>Should I apply to Steinhardt or Tisch? Which program would be more ideal for me?</p>

<p>Is animation even that big at Tisch? I don't think there's animation at all in Steinhardt.</p>

<p>Other than that - will I be able to explore a variety of interests in the art field?</p>

<p>What about non-art subjects, like foreign languages and computer science? Will I be able to cross over to other colleges and take classes?</p>

<p>Sorry, right now I'm just confused and troubled. If anyone out there knows of NYU's programs in depth, I'd gladly appreciate some insight!</p>

<p>Hi :) I was really into arts in my junior year and also have a portfolio and stuff. I applied for Stern ED1, but on my RDs I'm pretty sure that I will apply as an art or media related major to some schools.
I'm not really sure cuz I haven't really looked into NYU's art programs. But as far as I know, I can't guarantee you if there is an animation major or department in neither Tisch or Steinhardt. Maybe if you are choosing between these two schools, you should try Tisch as a film major..
In Steinhardt there is an art studio program and a media and cultures something program. Maybe you should ask the admissions office directly.
Oh and recently an NYU admissions officer from Tisch came to our school (not to specify about Tisch though.. just to inform students about NYU generally). She told us about a program that you might be interested in. In Gallatin, you can make up a program that suits your own interest, and there is a student who studies about comics and animations. But again, since I'm no admissions officer and just a high school kid, you should ask somebody who knows better. Good luck ! :)</p>

<p>Hey Triggle! A lot of people get confused about the art program at NYU, let alone the different schools in general, so no worries!
If you're looking to pursue a classic art student track, apply to Steinhardt; that's the studio art program.
However, if you want to go into animation...apply to Tisch for Film & Television! I was just like you when I was in high school, with a fine arts portfolio, but I transferred into Tisch because they have a tiny but stellar animation program (on the 8th floor, if you ever visit) :] A lot of people dabble in the animation courses, especially Introduction to Animation techniques (which introduces you to all kinds of animation, including stop motion, before you continue on to more serious and focused animation courses), but each I'd guess there are around 15 people maximum per graduating class who seriously pursue an "animation major" here at Tisch, which is actually great, because we're more of a family within the film program and we get a lot of attention from our professors! The head of the animation department is John Canemaker, who won the oscar in 2006 for his short animated film. Basically, you major in Film & Television, and if you're especially dedicated to pursuing a career in animation, then you just enroll in as many animation courses as you would like.
You can watch an info video here on NYU animation! Animation</a> @ NYU Kanbar Film & TV - YouTube</p>

<p>Finally, whether you are in Steinhardt or Tisch, you will definitely be able to take non-art subjects. In Steinhardt, you are required to take MAP liberal arts courses. I also feel that the art courses you take are pretty limited in Steinhardt (for example, no animation...and from what I hear from a studio art major, they don't even have figure drawing classes, which happen to be offered by the Tisch animation department) You can look online at their art courses here <a href=""&gt;;/a>. However, Tisch is especially generous with what courses you can take through CAS...they give you a lot more room to take liberal arts courses in your degree. I transferred out of Steinhardt and into Tisch because I felt Tisch met more of my creative <em>and</em> academic needs.</p>