confused transfer student!

<p>I'm from NY... lived in manhattan all my life but now i'm confused about transferring either to Baruch College or UF University of Florida. </p>

<p>PS. Majoring in Business Adm Marketing.</p>

<p>2 Completely diff atmospheres.. Thanks!</p>

<p>well this is much me but I would go to Baruch for finical reasons. You would be living at home and out of state colleges are more exspensive than if you lived in the state of that college. I am in a community college now and the out of state tuition is like double to three times the in state.
On the other hand, you have to take a hard look of yourself. You have to be honest with yourself to make sure you stay on track (don't spend all that money to screw around). No matter where you go people will party. If you feel like you can do that, feel free to go to Florida.
Luck with your decision either way :)</p>