Confusing Claremont Mckenna Deadline?

On the Mckenna website it says that Regular decision apps should be postmarked by January 2nd, but on the Common App Supplement for Freshman Admission it says “I understand that my application must be complete and postmarked by December 1” under the Mckenna Achievement Award box… which is it?

<p>I would follow the instructions listed on the Claremont website, although i'm not sure what the "Mckenna Achievement Award" is. It sounds like a scholarship.</p>

<p>so is the Dec1 deadline only for the scholarship or for the entire app?</p>

<p>The RD and EDII deadline is January 2, but if you wanted to be considered for the McKenna Achievement Scholarship ($5ooo given to a very small number of exceptional students), your application had to be in by December 1</p>