Confusing Essay Question?

I’m trying to finish up some of my smaller “essays” for the schools I am applying early too and one of the prompts for the schools is asking what my favorite song is?

The prompt is only 50 words long so I don’t think that’s enough space to explain why it’s my favorite and I’m also confused on what they could possible hope to know about me based on a song? Is there any genres or songs that I should avoid?

Any tips on how to answer the prompt creatively (or how to answer the prompt in general)?

You don’t necessarily need to be super creative with this answer. What’s your favorite song? Why? It’s pretty simple. The college will gain a little insight into your personality with this question. Plus, by filling it in, it shows interest.

Here is an example:
Blackwater by the Doobie Brothers is wonderful. It’s a clever mix of pop and country folk with beautiful strings and harmonizing vocals. It takes me back to my childhood, when my mom plonked me the car and drove around aimlessly. I loved the lyrics about “funky Dixieland” and sang along loudly.

So have you learned a little something about me? Mission accomplished.

Great example. Speaks volumes. Can be modified dozens of ways per the user’s interest. Note the visual. And some connection to Mom. (This is harder to explain. It’s grounded in the present, but acknowledging something shared and perhaps still shared.)

Sorry for the analysis, but I like it, @Lindagaf.

Thank you for your responses! One of the major problems that I am having with this question is that I’m 17 -the most meaningful artists on my playlist are either Hozier or Glass Animals.

I want to chose a song that the AO would also vibe with and can relate to - so chosing a song off of my playlist probably isn’t the way to go.

Adcoms are pretty savvy. And accepting, even if they have different specific tastes. It’s their business to listen to kids, get a read on them.

Either of those would work. It’s about how you do present this, the you behind the answer. Listen with friends? Can present you as an adapted, friendly sort with shared interests (always good for a college app.)

What you want to stay away from is some answer that makes them wonder. Eg, that you use music to isolate in the worst ways.

The Getting In: A College Coach Conversation podcast hosts strongly advise applicants to be authentic. College admissions want to know who you are in a real and honest way, so I’d go for authenticity over trying to second-guess which song they may (or may not) relate to.

Don’t. AO’s have likely reviewed thousands of applications over many years and can tell a “I’m writing what I think an AO wants to hear” answer from a mile away. And they don’t like it.

You are overthinking. Answer the question honestly. Maybe the AO will be moved to check out the song.

I agree with @tkoparent . It doesn’t have to have some deep meaning and it doesn’t have to be chosen with the AO in mind. In fact, don’t choose it for the AO. My example was just because I heard it today at the grocery store. If you love the latest song by Taylor Swift, that’s fine. Why do you love it? Great beat, makes you feel happy, fun lyrics, what you think of when you hear it.

@lookingforward , lol. Am I in?

@Lindagaf :slight_smile:
@AnJa26 Relax and have a little fun with this.

@AnJa26 D20 wrote about “Livin’ on a Prayer”, no deep meaning essay; it’s just a song she grew up with from our playlist that she loves. As captain she made it the unoffical anthem/pump-up song for the team; she used to crank up the speaker on the bus and get everyone to sing along. Don’t read too much into it. Write about a song that invokes a feeling in you and why, easy peasy.

Many of the Admissions folks I’ve seen are in their 20s so it’s not like they’re expecting you to answer Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by The Andrews Sisters - although it is a catchy tune still.