Confusion about Majors

<p>So I am accepted as an Economics major, but in my academic background I proposed to change it to Mathematics. I have already confirmed my academic background but I was wondering if I can change it to Human Biology. </p>

<p>When I first applied to UCSD, I was not planning on going; thus, I just choose a major that was related to business. (I am interested in a business related major and also medical related major.) However, when I was filling out my academic background information, I chose Mathematics because I thought Biology was impacted. I chose Math because I thought it was a broad subject that has a lot of field that I can enter in.</p>

<p>Can I still switch to a Biology major? or is that impossible since it is impacted? (What does it mean when it says it is impacted?)</p>

<p>Also, when I put Mathematics as a proposed major, does it mean I will be entering as a Math major?</p>

<p>"I am accepted as an Economics major"
"...does it mean I will be entering as a Math major?"</p>

<p>Um. You enter as an Econ major, because that's what you got accepted as. You can't change your major before you're a matriculated student. The admissions committee can't read your mind or read between the lines in your essay. (Sometimes I doubt they read the essay that closely at all.) If you declared major X on the application, chances are that you're going to get admitted as major X. Saying "I might be interested in major Y" doesn't make it any easier for you to switch down the road.</p>

<p>You're right, biology is impacted. Google or search the archives to see that that means. And it's just my thinking, but if someone told me there are only a limited number of biology majors to be given out, I would have applied for that first. It's easy to switch out, not so easy to get in.</p>

<p>And what exactly is this supposed to mean: "I was not planning on going; thus, I just choose a major that was related to business." Did you just have some $$$ to waste on the application fee or something?</p>

<p>You'll be entering as an Econ major. Right when fall semester starts you'll (probably) be able to change it to mathematics, if it is not impacted (I don't think it is). Extremely small chance of you transferring into Biology, because they take only a handful of student transfers every year. So I wouldn't count on that.</p>

<p>concerning your studies: if you just take classes as though you were a biology major and upkeep your GPA, then by junior year you can declare and will be accepted as a biology major. they say that in a lot of places, you can go confirm. i think the minimum GPA is a 3.5 (someone affirm that?) but the higher, the better.
you are considered an econ major and not a math one. it's ok; you can change without any consequences. just keep up your gpa (3.5+) and take classes as though you were a bio major. by junior year, you'll be considered a bio major.</p>

<p>for academic background: if you want to change from math to bio, then you have to contact the advising office yourself and request a change. right now the advising office thinks you're doing math, so they will advise you according to that. however, that's just the advisors themselves. in the grander scheme, you are still considered an econ major.</p>

<p>btw impacted means that there are more people trying to get into the major than there is space for. that's why your gpa needs to be high. if it's 3.5+ you will not have to worry about getting into an impacted major, but get 3.7+ to be extra safe.</p>

<p>For future reference to everybody else who hasn't applied yet to UCSD yet. If you're even considering going into one of UCSD's impacted majors, apply for it because if you want to switch out, it's as easy as clicking a button. Switching into impacted majors is not so easy though.</p>