Confusion! changed high school

please provide guidance
my ds changed high school in junior year from regular brick and mortar to online public school. now he is back to his regular school for senior year.
so his 10th grade and 11 grade are different high schools. will it effect his admissions? (which school will be feeder school ?)

In his online public school, in junior year one AP course was listed as full year in uc a-g acceptable course list but his school just consider that AP course as one semester course and gave .5 credit . my query is how do we handle this on application because it asks for second semester grade and there’s none in transcript.
we wrote to school but they r not responding so i thought to ask here.


UC’s do not have specific designated “feeder” schools for admission. There are some HS’s where there is a higher than average acceptance rate throughout the UC system. For Cal States, the HS he is currently attending would be considered his “local” HS for admissions. Where did he attend 9th grade? At the same HS for Senior year?

Do you have a separate transcript from the on-line school? Does the on-line transcript show 2 grades (2 semesters = 1 year long course?)
Is his current HS listing all the on-line courses he took as a courtesy? Which AP course is in question?

If you have transcripts from both HS’s, then you should list both HS’s on the college applications with the applicable courses and grades plus he will be expected to send transcripts from all the schools he was enrolled/attended.

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thankyou @gumbymom

online school is a public school too and has a separate transcript for junior year. it shows one grade for AP psychology. the course was completed in fall semester.
but University of California A-G Course List shows this course as full year course so concerned what to enter for second semester?

yes he needs to send transcripts from both schools .

we changed due to covid and its adding to extra stress


So he received 1 grade for a Year long course at the On-line public school? Were all the on-line classes year long with 1 grade only?

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all the classes that were listed as full year had 2 semester grades and 2 electives had one semester grade as they were listed half year course.
University of California A-G Course List
what i think is they have made error in course list here so the confusion.

what are our options , like how do we enter in application for uc and csu

** he attended grade 9 10 and 12 in same high school. just junior year in different

I would go by the on-line HS transcript regarding grades and you can change the grading terms in the UC application for just those 2 electives. You can also provide an explanation in the additional comments section regarding the term/grade discrepancy.

Here is how to enter different grade terms in the UC application: UC Application Tutorial: Entering Multiple Grading Terms - YouTube

For the Cal states:
2.1.1 Multiple term types
If your school offers courses with various term types, or has converted term types during your attendance, you must report the high school once for each term type. Please speak to your high school counselorif you are unsure of your school’s term type.
Term Type
Full Year Semester Trimester Quarter
• Report the High School first with the dominant term type, report the same high school with a second entry for the alternate term type. Dates may overlap if necessary.
• When reporting courses and grades for each grade level, select the appropriate school entry based on the term type. You may report a portion of a grade level as one term type, with a secondary portion as a second term type.
• Entering the incorrect attendance dates will prevent you from entering coursework on the High School Coursework tile.
• You MUST select the appropriate term type(s) before entering coursework. Changing the term type after entering coursework will delete all entered coursework

In the meantime, I would try to find out if the transcripts can be fixed prior to have to submit them next year but preferably before submitting both the UC and CSU applications.


the two electives are listed as half year courses so no issue with them being one grade. uc application asks only one grade.

but the problem is with one AP course being listed as full year so would require two semester grades and transcript has only one grade.

what should we write in second semester grade application asks for second grade , cant leave it empty. so the confusion

You might want to contact UC admissions about this issue along with the on-line HS but to me this sounds like this particular class is on a block schedule (Year long class completed in 1 semester).

Here is how to report on the UC application: On the online UC admission application, the student should select “Full” for Term Type.

For the CSU’s: ● 1 block unit (where only 1 grade is earned) = 2 semester units (report that grade twice – once for Fall semester and again for Spring semester)

I do not know if this is possible to report for just one class so I would confirm with the UC and CSU admissions.
UC admissions:



[(800) 207-1710](tel:(800) 207-1710) (within the U.S.)
[(925) 298-6856](tel:(925) 298-6856) (outside the U.S.)


Monday-Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Cal State apply: Cal State Apply Customer Service - Liaison


very stressed.
as i mentioned we changed high school ,the problem now is current high school has not gotten records from previous one and we are tired of it

we even ordered from parchment ourselves sending to current school but they said they received unofficial copy and so cannot update.

this is so stressful as it is senior year work load, colleges and now this.
we are worried what can i do now.
how will we be able to send it to colleges when current school is not getting

please advice

For the CSU and UC’s, you self report the grades/courses and usually transcripts are not required until the student is accepted so you have time. Only final transcripts are usually needed by the school your student ultimately enrolls in and these are due in July 2023. There are exceptions where some schools like SDSU/SLO/CSU Fullerton have asked for Senior year transcripts if the student accepts enrollment (Feb/March or by May 1) and then final transcripts later.

Worst case would result in having both HS’s sending transcripts to the colleges if the current HS will not cooperate and integrate the other HS classes into one transcript.

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Have you spoken to the old HS guidance counselor directly?


For UC self report the grades and then if you are securing admission, send transcripts from all schools, contact the previous school/s and have them send their transcript directly to the college when you decide to committ.

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strange that both are public schools and somehow are arguing about signature being on the top page or last page to make it official.

in cal state(csu) application we need to enter eighth grade courses(a-g) as 9th grade( yr and school)
1 question: middle school had trimester system so how do you enter grades in 9th semester system

2 question: will cal poly count this also in GPA calculation (9-11) and it will agian lower gpa as number of units lowers the gpa
am i misisng something. also i dont think we have eight grade transcript.


  1. If middle school is on the trimester system and HS on the semester system, CSU apply states:

If your school offers courses that have various term types, or has converted term types during your attendance then you must report the high school once for each term type.

So you would list your HS for trimester= Middle school
And list your HS again for semester= 9th-12th grade

   **Middle School Courses**

If you took 7th and 8th grade courses taken to fulfill A-G requirements, select the appropriate grade level (e.g. 7th grade, 8th grade). Then, enter your first high school attended in 9th grade and your 9th grade academic year.

  1. Since you are labeling the middle school courses as being taken 7th or 8th grade, Cal Poly SLO will not use these grades in their GPA calculation. The a-g courses taken in Middle school will be noted for rigor in the Math or Foreign Language areas.
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In cal state applications (csu) what are you suppose to enter for cr/Nc offered during covid(2019-20)? his high school did credit/no credit for may 2020 semester
pl advice


Just 1 question regarding the Cal State application. Are you filling it out now? The 2023 Fall application is not available until October 1.

@gumbymom yes its not available , just read somewhere regarding cr/no credit instead of letter grade so got curious.

You should be able to select P (Pass) or CR (Credit) instead of a grade.

Reporting Middle school grades on the CSU application will not require a transcript to be submitted to any of the CSU’s or UC’s.

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CSU application asking grades with plus / minus.
We are supposed to enter A+