confusion please help me

<p>I don't know whether I should go to UCSD or Cal State Long Beach. </p>

<p>UCSD--no scholarships</p>

<p>Cal State Long Beach--full ride, paid tuition, books, housing, honors program, lots of other special things</p>

<p>I was set on UCSD until I found out about CSULB.</p>

<p>I have gotten several other scholarships so far...
1.) Governor's Scholarship--$1,000
2.) NSHSS National Scholar Award--$1,000
3.) OCTFCU Member Education Award--$500
4.) CSF Seymour Memorial Award--$1,250
5.) Principal's Leadership Award--$1,000</p>

<p>These could help pay for UCSD but if I don't use them I could save them to buy something nice. I also have a trust fund of around $45,000 (which will grow with interest over the next couple of years). I could take about $10,000 out each year (if I go to UCSD) or I could save this, let it grow some more, and use it to buy a house/car/etc. (if I go to Long Beach).</p>

<p>Please help. I know this is the wrong board but I really need help! Thanks.</p>

<p>i forgot to mention that at Long Beach that scholarship is called the Presidential Scholarship (if that helps)</p>


<p>Well, I hate to contrast in such vivid terms, but... there's no comparison in quality. UCSD is a top tier university in every way, but CSULB is not. Yes, the campus is nice and there are good programs, but you won't get the same quality instruction as you will at UCSD.</p>

<p>You won't be receiving ANY Pell grants or similar government aid? Have you filled out your FAFSA yet?</p>

<p>sorry i forgot to answer, i will NOT receive any FAFSA or Cal Grant or parents make too much $$ :(</p>

<p>Hmm...that's tough then. Remember though, student loans are practically free interest wise, and you'll have years to pay them off.</p>

<p>In this case, the gap is pretty large in terms of quality, and I'd have to say UC. It's atypical for me, but I have a clear favorite here.</p>

<p>please help</p>

<p>If it means anything, I still would go with UCSD. The difference in quality is rather large, and you'll probably get a lot more of the intangibles there.</p>