Congressional App Challenge Questions

Hi everyone!!

So I recently got introduced to the Congressional App Challenge and I am just trying to get a few questions answered about the event.

So my congressman isn’t participating in the CAC yet, I emailed him, but I’m not sure if he will respond or even see the email at all. Has anyone else emailed their congressman/woman and gotten a response??

Also, I was wondering how colleges would look at the competition if I won, especially for CS because that is what I am interested in. Would they think highly of the award or not?

And how difficult do you think that the event was overall?

Finally, do you have any tips on ideas or any other topic thatdeals with the competition?

Perhaps your CS teacher would have tips.
Have you created an app since Oct. 2020 that could be basis?
Would you consider working with up to three other students as a team?
See past videos.
Pick a topic that is personal/ familiar or relevant to family/ friends/ school / community.

Check out to see past winners, news.

I.E. “
Congressional App Challenge



Do you want to ask Members of Congress a question about the Congressional App Challenge? Use #AskCAC and we will ask some of your questions in our upcoming interviews! #Congress4CS

Also see past winners since 2015. (Except district 1/ Eastern Shore- did not participate.)

Each U.S. Rep. may have panel of local residents/ academic/ industry/ retirees, etc., serving as volunteers to evaluate entries.
See rulebook
“ Winner Selection

  1. Demonstration Videos and Submission Answers will be reviewed and evaluated by District Judges.
  2. Awards will be judged based on the following criteria:
    a. Quality of the idea (including creativity and originality)
    b. Implementation of the idea (including user experience and design)
    c. Demonstrated excellence of coding and programming skills.
  3. The Judges have the right to request access to the App and source code in person or via any reasonable manner to verify that the App functions and operates as stated in the Submission Form. Failure by a Contestant to honor such a request will result in the Submission’s immediate disqualification.
  4. District Staff reserve the right to substitute or modify the judging panel at any time for any reason. Judges do have the right to withdrawal without advance notice in the event of extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Judges will be fair and impartial. A judge may elect to recuse him or herself from judging a Submission, if in the judge’s sole discretion it is not appropriate for him or her to judge that particular Submission because of a past or current relationship with that particular Contestant. A Submission will not be at a disadvantage if one or more judge recuses himself or herself.
  5. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible Submissions received and the quality of the Submissions.”

thanks for your reply!!

I dont have a CS teacher sadly, I moved schools and my new school doesnt have any cs classes.

I have created other apps in the past.

I may work with another friend but I doubt it would be up to 4 people.

I’ve watched some past videos already, and the submissions seem inteesting.
I have an idea for a RateMyProf website but for highschool how does that sound to you? Dou you think its winning material??

I’ll have to check on their socials, but the only question I have is about the prozes, do you know what the prizes have been in the past??

the selection process makes sense.

Thank you in advance to your responses!!!

Wonderful that you have some app experience!
About your idea for a RateMy Prof app at your school, check with principal, b/c school district may have rules about surveying minors or having faculty discussed on social media.

Contact High School Programming Contest - UMD Department of Computer Science

See if they may provide guidance.

@UniMDTop-Choice be sure to protect your privacy and inform your parents. When seeking mentors, look for real people
with verifiable place of employment, and who have passed law enforcement screen for being allowed to work with minors, which state law requires, which your school or any youth activity, sport, requires.

In case anyone was wondering my Congressman responded back to my email very quickly(within 2hrs) and said that they are planning to join in.

Just in case someone needs it