Conn Coll RD 2025

Didn’t see a thread for this so I thought I’d start on since RD is coming (not soon enough though).

So glad someone made one! If anyone has updates on when decisions release please post!

Their website still says “late March”. Nothing more definitive other than this quote from their website at the very bottom of the page at First-Year Applicants for Fall Admission will receive an email approximately one week prior to decision notification with complete details on when to expect decision letters to be available in the online system. We advise applicants to test their login credentials again at that time to ensure that they can still access the system.” If nothing else, it means that we will know in 21 days at the most since it’s already the 10th.

I believe last year decisions came out the 20th or 21st, so I would assume the same for this year.

10 more days is better than 21. Does Conn do “likely letters” or “early writes”?

I have seen in previous threads that they have done so in the past however I myself have not received one as of yet so we shall see.

Pretty sure the decisions will be released the week of 3/22. My D21 has been in contact with the coach who has been recruiting her and indicated that the decision will be released with financial aid by the end of the month.

Best of luck everyone!

Hey again!!! To the best of my knowledge, Conn does not send out likely letters. Usually only very selective LACs and universities use the LL or Early Write to try to compel who they deem “top applicants” to attend. Since Conn doesn’t have as competitive an applicant pool as say, Amherst or Brown, I doubt Conn would try to use that strategy. But I could be wrong! Thank you for making a Conn thread!

My DS is waiting to hear from Conn too (hello again in yet another college @PerformingDude :wave:). DS thought it might be about the 20th because it seems like a lot of schools release decisions on weekends and the 20th is a Saturday. LL and early writes would relieve a lot of stress for kids though.

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Hi again haha. Yeah LL would definitely help alleviate stress! I just doubt Conn would use them.

My D21 just received an email from admissions stating that decisions will be released at 10 AM ET on Saturday 3/20. Best of luck to all!

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Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

You also applied here? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hahahahaha! Yep!!’

I got that email too, I’m so excited! And best of luck to your daughter as well!

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We meet again (again)…


Bahahahahahaha I love it :joy::sob:

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Received an Early Admission notice through email this morning. Turns out Conn does send them! Super stoked


Does it show up in your portal as well?

It doesn’t!