Conn Coll RD 2025

I have not received any mail from Conn yet.

I don’t know much about Conn, but compared to the other schools our senior had gotten into, the outreach has been disappointing. More than a week after their decisions came out and we haven’t even received a parent email. One small envelope did arrive today, but one #10 envelope is not making them very competitive.

I wouldn’t base judgement too much on outreach. Perhaps they are courteously waiting until more decisions get released (I know I got overwhelmed my an influx of college emails inviting me to virtual events and such)!

For myself, Conn has dropped pretty low on my list as I have received more LAC options, so I am doubting I will end up a Camel. That being said, congrats to everyone who is Conn '25! It’s a great school!

Where you leaning towards @PerformingDude ?

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Update from Camel Athletics…

Can you show proof of vaccination instead?

My S received a one-page congratulatory letter from Dean of Admissions yesterday. Nothing else.

I just saw that they have changed their policy and you can show proof of vaccination instead.

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I do agree that something in the mail would be nice, just to be able to hold it up and take a picture and get excited. Hoping it still comes.

So, on another Conn topic… What are your thoughts about the transportation to get off campus and just go to simple places like Target or the downtown area for a meal or to Mystic. They used to have a shuttle van service (which seemed to get bad reviews from students) and now have this deal with Lyft. I am probably way behind the times and personally very rarely use Uber and Lyft. What are your thoughts about this? Would you be concerned about the safety of Lyft or not? I know after freshmen year you can have a car but then that’s yet another expense. Thanks for any thoughts!

Is this info in the portal? I didn’t receive an email.

@hillybean We got this email the other day:

We are pleased to let you know we have expanded the ways you and your guest can fulfill the COVID-19 safety requirements in order to visit campus!

Previously, we required you and your guest to provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of your visit to campus.

We can now also accept proof of a full COVID vaccine (two doses of Moderna/Pfizer or one dose of Johnson & Johnson) received two weeks or more before your visit.

To recap: You and your guest can provide either proof that you have been vaccinated or proof that you have received a negative COVID test.

This change was made in consultation with the health care partners we’ve worked with since the beginning of the pandemic to keep our campus community safe. We’re proud that our alert level is currently Green and we intend to follow all necessary protocols to maintain that status.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Right now my tops are Amherst, Midd, Sarah Lawrence, and Colby :slight_smile:

Those are some amazing options… can’t go wrong with any of them! Is there one you’re leaning toward? I don’t know much about Sarah Lawrence? Where is the school located and what is it know for?

My D21 is leaning heavily toward Duke Kunshan University (Dual degree program with Duke Univ)! Others in the mix include American (Sakura Scholar dual degree program with Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan) and Conn. Coll.

Tomorrow NYU (Shanghai & Abu Dhabi) decision may shake up everything. Minerva is also expected by 14-Apr.

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At the moment I am not really leaning toward any of the 4 in particular! Amherst’s decision was certainly the one that dumbfounded me the most, however!

Sarah Lawrence is a quite small LAC located in Bronxville, NY. They are known for having a very engaging and individualized academic program (where you meet one-on-one with each professor to create and execute a project of your choice that draws from the curriculum). They are also extremely strong in the performing arts (what I’m interested in), and they have a very quirky social vibe! All of these things make SLC really attractive to me!

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Also congrats to your Daughter!! Those are all awesome choices!!!

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We had a great visit to Conn yesterday. I posted our thoughts here: Connecticut College reviews - #30 by kbm770


Has anyone received a Conn acceptance package? Do they exist?

Nope… not here.

Nothing. And daughter would really like one!

So D21 got into NYU Shanghai… meaning she was accepted to all of her dream schools. It’s going to be tough to walk away from these. It’ll come down to who offers the best merit.