Conn College vs Trinity College differences

after doing some research, these two schools seem very similar to me. Both in Connecticut, a NESCAC college, top 40-50 LAC, trying to increase diversity/inclusion within the college.

as someone who can’t visit both I was wondering what would you say are the main differences between these two, what are their reputation (which one is more well-regarded?),

and as an econ/international relations major who either wants to work in IB/Consulting in wall street or be an editor which would you recommend?

if you have visited both schools it would be amazing if you could tell me what vibe you got from each school and which you would recommend?

thank you so much :slight_smile:

is cost an issue?

yes, i am looking at colleges that meet financial need as i need a significant amount of aid

Locations are quite different (Trinity is a bit of a bubble in a less than desirable urban area).

Trinity College is the better option for your desired career.

Conn College is overwhelmingly female (about 70%), but the US Coast Guard Academy is nearby. Trinity is 50/50 male/female.

Trinity is more conservative, preppier. Bubble of wealth in dangerous urban area (but campus is safe). Better for Econ and Wall Street.
Connecticut college is artsy-preppy (if Trinity is Deerfield, Conn is Putney), it’s near the ocean and by a river (a sound), and in a small typically “New England” town. Better for writing and IR.


Here is a link to info on Conn I posted in a reply to another poster. Tap on the link to open it and then scroll down to see my comment.

Trinity is fratty. Do you like fraternities? Conn Coll is artsier and quirkier, with events like the Camelympics.

Location, location, location. Aside from all else, Trinity is an enclosed campus in a high-crime area of Hartford. Connecticut College is located adjacent to New London, not in the middle of a high-crime area.

1 Like suggests that Connecticut College’s neighborhood in New London is a high crime area, although some nearby areas are not as high crime.

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We were told that Conn sponsors lots of events on campus so that the students don’t have to go to town for fun. New London is a sub base and the scene can be a little rough. With that said, both are beautiful campuses and both have better access to “civilization” than many of their more remote NESCAC cousins.

Trinity is a bit preppier. Conn has a wider mix of students. Trinity has some Greek life whereas Conn has none. Conn’'s campus sits on a hill overlooking NewLondon while Trinity abuts a not terrific neighborhood in Hartford. Trinity has embraced its location and offers students a number of ways to do internships, volunteer, etc in Hartford. Both are excellent schools.

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Trinity has a beautiful campus and long history of fostering careers in IB, mostly as econ majors. It also has proximity to all that the capital city has to offer, a vibrant public policy and legislative internship. Additionally Trinity has a more demonstrable history of diversifying its student body. Since Dr. Angel Perez was head of admission it has regularly sought talented first gen students under the posse scholars progam. Trinity is also extremely close to West Hartford and all the restaurants and stores that upscale area offers. I don’t think the town of new london offers anything near West Hartford. Finally although Trinity is a Nescac championship team in squash, and football and hockey, it also hosts a Film program at the Cine studio and an exchange program in theater La Mama in NYC. Don’t hesistate to give Trinity a look! I agree that Conn Coll is a nice and attractive campus, but it seemed so quiety and unlively walking around it on tour.

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