Conn Dorms

I recently got my housing assignment from conn and I’ll be in Branford House as a freshman next year. I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on housing and Branford house in particular because I can’t seem to find pictures of the interior of the dorm inside and was only shown Hamilton when I visited on Camel Days.

Hi Michael,
I am a current Conn student so hopefully, I can provide adequate information. I lived in Plant my freshman year which is the dorm right next to Branford, they’re very similar. Branford is one of the older dorms on campus. Depending on what floor you’re on it will look a little different. The third floor I believe has hardwood floors. The rooms are a decent size depending on the room. In terms of interior, it definitely isn’t the nicest dorm on campus, but what it lacks in the interior, it makes up for with location. It’s very central to everything and right across from the library.