Conn RD 2023 Discussion

Didn’t see an RD thread for conn 2023, so thought i’d start one! feel free to post stats/updates/questions etc.

any idea when decisions are coming out?

They’ve released it on a late Saturday in March for the past couple years. It looks like this year it might be the 23rd, but can’t say for sure.

I agree @purplpanda it looks like the 23rd, but Bates comes out the 16th and they usually come out the same day, so that’s weird

Good luck!

I got an early write letting me know of my acceptance… from New Jersey, did not submit my SATs

I got an early write tooo with an invitation to the Spring Connections Program

S19 got an email saying an admissions offer is on the way.

Yo conn college if y’all see this you some clowns for that email you sent. Thought my decision was ready for a second

Guys how well does Connecticut treat for international applicants? Really screwed! Its my last shot.

International here last uni hope it works out…

@Heemee they are so unfair towards us, considers single candidate from each country with aid playing major factor and we are down the drain…

Why does conncecticut college send out postcards after application is submitted? Stating “you’ve applied now…”

HOLY! did they send early write to the accepted students and now those who didn’t receive any mail of acceptance are rejected?

Thought I had a good chance of getting in but I didn’t get an early write rip

guys its coming
1hr left

im an international who really need this admission right now… I hope theyll accept and also give aid required???

me too!!! int’ll here. my last hope :frowning:


ACCEPTED Trustee Scholarship 20K per year. Great school but just not enough merit to compete with Muhlenberg who gave 35k per year or Furman who gave 30k per year. Good luck to you all!