Connecticut College - international transfer applicant with aid?

<p>Hi everyone, has there anyone here transfered to Connecticut College as international student successfully with aid? (or know anyone managed to) I emailed the admission office and they said it is unlikely that they can meet my need but still, they don't discourage me to apply...I am on a campus tour visit during spring break (currently a freshman at Union College, NY) and I really need information on this so I can finalize my plan for next week's campus visit.
Thank you very much in advance.</p>

<p>i'm an international student, applying for transfer to conn coll. I applied for aid and they seem don't have problem with that. I don't how much will I get, but as far as i know, as long as I get admitted, they'll meet my need.</p>

<p>Well, they said you are eligible for aid although they are not so sure if they would be able to give a full ride ...anyway, once you get the result, would let me know if they are generous or not? thanks :)</p>