Connecticut College reviews

I’m a transfer deciding between Wesleyan and Connecticut College. I will be studying English, creative writing, religious studies, and American studies. Would love to learn more about Conn, especially in these areas. Any help is appreciated!

We visited Conn (with my S19) and Wes (D19). Both were interested in sciences and Wes had stronger programs. So, a little outside of your area. D19 didn’t apply to Wes and S19 got in, but, chose to go to Mac. But, I think Wes is a better school overall. I know Wes has a strong theater, arts programs. You should post this on the Wes board as well. As far as the campus and the environment is concerned, we didn’t see much of a difference.

@EganAg I received a sizable merit scholarship at Conn and am interested in working with a specific professor there. Given these considerations, do you think the difference in the academic caliber of the two schools still merits choosing Wesleyan? Would love to hear your thoughts as I know little about either.

I know both schools very well as i have a daughter at Wes, and I had a niece go to Conn. Overall, Wes is more prestigious and better known, but if your goal is graduate school then working with a professor and paying less through a merit scholarship, would tilt the calculus to Conn. Its getting late to visit now as we are in finals week at both schools, but the tone of each school is also very different with Wes more intellectual and more hard left liberal and Conn more pre-professional and while still left nowhere near the Wes extreme. Both are good schools and you can’t go wrong with either. Good luck.

It would be helpful to know your current college & why you want to leave. This information should help to generate better responses more tailored to your situation. Also, may help you avoid making the same mistake twice.

These schools offer very different campus environments, for example Conn College is about 65% female, while Wesleyan is a bit more balanced although still majority female. Also, as you know one has a very liberal environment while CC offers a more moderate campus culture.

Maybe one thing to consider is that CoCo is one of the schools rocketing into the consciousness of the civilians out there, the non-experts, non-insiders, smart kids and parents of smart kids who will be considering private colleges and LACs in particular. Sorta. As much as any of them are. It’s a good time to get on the ride with CoCo. Wesleyan’s profile and reputation are pretty much baked in. And every time I see Wesleyan pushing that Little 3, I think, “you wish.” It ain’t 1951 anymore.

CoCo is a weird place to be right now, as lots of good stuff is happening and causing some tension with “the way things have always been” or whatever, but if you dig it and it seems like a place you would enjoy being for three years, you’re getting in on something big.

I’d probably go to CoCo over Wesleyan at this point. Middletown is the 12th circle of hell. But either way, you should be fine. But Coco is def not my last choice in the NECSAC.

@Publisher I’m currently at Berkeley and feel like I made the wrong choice based on the name brand, which is why I’m wary of giving up the opportunities at Conn just for the “prestige” of Wesleyan. Hope that helps. Would love to talk further if this helps you better read my situation. :smile:

@GnarWhail Thanks so much! This is really helpful.

The perception of Conn seems to be somewhat affected by its U.S. News position. But if you look closely at available figures, you will see that its ACT score profile lands a notch above those of some other test-optional – sometimes higher-ranked – peers such as Bates, for example. Beyond statistics, Conn’s English department is large and well established, so you would be entering into one of its strongest programs.

I think that the schools offer two very different environments. Creative writing should–I do not know for sure–be a strength at Wesleyan, while Conn College should offer substantial personal guidance from instructors & professors.

Either choice offers a dramatically different environment than that of your current university. Plus, getting to experience both coasts is an exciting idea !

On behalf of the choice of Wesleyan, Wes receives a description in this article on the nation’s most literary colleges:

Best of luck with your decision, @NESCACtransfer.

I don’t know why a previous poster called Middletown the 12th circle of hell. It’s a nice town, with a life beyond the college, and the best chocolate shop I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. There are lots of good restaurants and more visible diversity than most towns and cities in new England. Also, CHOCOLATE! I’m ? certain there are no fancy chocolates available in hell.

I have some insight on both schools, and you can feel free to PM if you would like

My D, who will be a freshman, also received a significant merit scholarship at Conn and she chose Conn - but not just because of the merit money. She had other options with merit money at colleges similar to Wesleyan in terms of size and reputation. After she visited her options, she kept gravitating to Conn. The curriculum is so innovative and empowering and you can feel that Conn is doing something different. It resonated more than the other liberal arts colleges resting on century-old reputations.

I visited both with my daughter. I think Wesleyan, is a better school in terms of resources and academics. However, it felt a little too sure of itself, resting on it’s laurels, and, perhaps, a bit ivory tower. I think Connecticut College is an excellent education, somewhat balanced (they seem to have view diversity), and they seem more market-driven helping students get internships and research opportunities. Also at Wesleyan, your’re gonna have to cook for yourself as upper class student. They cut you off from the cafeteria I think Junior or Senior year. That was a huge turnoff. Some of your best times is eating meals with your friends from all over campus, not just your suite mates. And I love the Hogwarts looks of Connecticut College.

Not true. Cooking versus Cafeteria at Wesleyan is an individual choice. Technically, even Juniors and Seniors have to purchase a meal plan, albeit one that relies on meal plan dollars to shop for groceries. The same dollars can be used in the cafeteria for individual meals. True story: I was in the campus grocery last Spring and because the computers were down, they couldn’t take “real” money, only the Meal Plan scrip.

@circuitrider Then I stand corrected. The tour gave us the impression that they were trying to wean the Juniors and Seniors off the cafeteria and help them grow into independent adulthood. It seem they can remain on a higher cafeteria meal plan.

Following up on this conversation, my daughter loves Conn College. Today is the 109th anniversary of the college. Interestingly, Conn College was established in 1911 when Wesleyan kicked out all the female students in 1909! Apparently, Wesleyan was receiving too many qualified female applicants! Pretty ironic. Here’s a link with more information about Conn.

Hi just checking in, did you end up picking Conn or Wesleyan???

Hi. This thread is a bit old but here we are in the middle of a pandemic in 2021 and visiting is so limited (just did an outdoor only tour at Conn), and would so love to hear any other more current feedback about Conn from either parents, students or anyone in the know! My D’21 is artsy/sciency/kind/not “preppy”/not playing a sport/not into excessive partying but likes to be busy and have lots to do. Conn is way up on her list and I just want to make sure it’s the right fit for her. Thanks to anyone out there! :grinning:

(Sorry only asking about Conn as we did not apply to Wes.)