Connecticut College Transfer?

<p>So, when looking at colleges this year, Connecticut College went under my radar. I highly doubt I would have made it in at the time, anyway, but since we can't really afford much, I'm going to community college in the fall. Connecticut College seems like it'd be great for me, though, since it's a little over 20 minutes away (which is closer than my state uni and community college), I like the idea of smaller schools, and best of all, its financial aid. As a transfer, though, will I be still receiving this stellar aid? Otherwise, I should forget about this school, because I cannot afford the tuition. Which would be the best way to transfer so save the most money and time? Also, would it be a good idea to retake the SATs? My scores were mediocre, but I guess transfers don't need them? Also, I'd love to hear about the school from anyone who goes there. Thanks!</p>