Connecticut Mulls Making College Coaches Report Suspected Abuse

<p>"Connecticut does not require college coaches to report suspected child abuse, but the scandal at Penn State has some state officials pushing to mandate they notify authorities if they think children are being harmed.</p>

<p>State Rep. Diana Urban plans to hold a public hearing next month to gather information about so-called mandatory reporting, which would shape legislation during the upcoming session of the General Assembly. She also wants to consider a statewide policy governing the protection of children who interact with university athletic programs, given a scandal involving an assistant basketball coach fired by Syracuse University.</p>

<p>'We want to know specifically what you are doing to protect the children on your campuses,' said Urban, D-North Stonington, co-chairwoman of the legislature's Select Committee on Children. 'We want to be sure every single facet of this is covered, and we want to focus on adults who come into contact with children.'" ...</p>

<p>Connecticut</a> Mulls Making College Coaches Report Abuse CBS New York</p>