Connecticut State Universities 2025.. SCSU, WCSU, ECSU, and CCSU

I’ve looked all throughout this website and Connecticut state universities have no representation (except UCONN). If you’ve applied/admitted to SCSU, CCSU, WCSU, or ECSU, please drop the info below. Stats, major, acceptance, or anything. Let’s help each other out :slight_smile:

I’ve applied to Southern Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University. Major:Nursing, SAT/ACT: N/A, GPA: UW-3.726 W-3.992, class rank:24 out of 146, strong ECs + essay, all honors and AP classes. No admission decisions yet.

Let’s start a discussion that has to do anything with these universities.

If it helps, my S applied to Central last year with a 3.0 GPA and a 32 ACT for civil engineering. Accepted but only got $1000 in merit, IIRC.

We live in CT. My son applied to West Conn last year. His GPA was 3.7 and his ACT was 23. He got accepted but decided to go to UCONN instead. He really liked West Conn but he could not resist UCONN. He also applied to The University of Hartford and got accepted there too.