Connection with fbi

Does anyone know the connection that WVU has with the fbi ? Are undergrads able to get jobs with the bureau ? Do students study biometrics or forensic science ? Would love it if anyone has info as my son who is a junior is seeking out colleges . Thanks

I would go to the FBI site, see what types of jobs they are hiring for and what are the qualifications. My understanding was, you need a masters ( preferably in something concrete, CPA etc) Don’t know about the other subjects. I bet if he calls them they can put you in touch with HR and HR can tell your son more details. They must have a hiring database online at least for lower/non secretive jobs.

Thanks @Happytimes2001 . Those are good suggestions. I guess I was wondering if wvu has a specific connection with the fbi as someone had mentioned that on another thread . Did not know if hiring right out of wvu undergrad happens more frequently . Thanks again !

I would contact the WVU engineering department directly. We toured last fall, and they took us to the bioinformatics lab. It is connected with the FBI. It appeared that several students worked in the lab, but it maybe through a grant and not directly for FBI. Not sure about the mechanism. Anyway, it was really interesting–got to see students measuring and recording irises. Students also noted that if you are in the MidAtlantic exchange, you can get in state tuition for the program.

@Polar2000 thanks for the info . I have no idea if he’d be interested in WVU, but if it has the fbi connection, that might be a pull. So we live in Virginia , would that mean in state tuition for us ??

The kids who were showing us around all said that by double majoring in bioinformatics, they got in state tuition. We are in the midwest, so no help to us. However, DS got a lot of scholarship money, so the school is very affordable OOS.

@Senior_1999 , OOS students can often get enough merit $ to make it darn close to in state tuition. Check your GPA and SAT/ACT stats against what it says on the website. WVU seems to lay it out there pretty well to show how much $ they will pay out, and what it takes to get $. Good luck!

@Senior_1999 @x2018x , you can actually receive lower than in state tuition. The highest merit scholarship from the University gets you in state tuition rate. On top of that; several of the colleges (engineering, business, etc.) will give additional merit money.