Cons of NYU?

<p>Could somebody tell me some cons to NYU so that I don't feel utterly suicidal if I don't get in? thanks =(</p>

<p>hmm...well it's awfully costly, some may say even over-priced.
It's in a crowded fast-paced environment, which many people aren't used to and will have a tough time to adapt to (myself included).
I heard they don't offer much help in finding a grad program after you finish undergrad (from my friend's brother).</p>

<p>That's about all I have now but I'm sure there are many more.
Colleges have tons of cons.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if NYU posted statistics about % of students who get into their first choice law school after graduating?</p>

<p>too expensive in my case</p>

<p>1.My friends brother says the cuve sucks in his classes, he'll get a 96 and it won't be an A =(
2. And I hear that a lot of the time TA's grade instead of professors.
3. Plus there's no real college campus, it's just buildings scatterd near Washington Square Park.
4. And like everyone said, it's super expensive and they aren't that generous with their financial aid as some other expensive schools.
5. There have been a lot of publicized suicides in the last few years :(
6. If you're a girl, you might notice the multitude of gay guys (no offense to gays, it's just not the best situation for a single girl lol)</p>

<p>Those are the only cons I can think of, everything else seems to be a pro with this school.</p>

<p>this is the bazillionth time someone's mentioned the gay guy issue. Are you guys being sarcastic or are you SERIOUS?</p>

<p>Pretty serious, haha. Friends have told me it was one of the first vibes they picked up from starting the school year :p Take it or leave it, I suppose. </p>

<p>One con one of my once-outgoing friends noted was that you need to get to know others at NYU early in the year, otherwise it's really hard to make friends later on. I've only heard that from a few so I don't know if that's the atmosphere among students or they were just unlucky. </p>

<p>Of course the exorbitant price is enough to make anybody shiver... </p>

<p>And well it's NYC, alot of people have this idealized view of it from movies/TV, and some are in for a rude awakening when they actually live there. An alum, former student of my English teacher told me that when he was at NYU he didn't feel like he attended the college (because of the lack of campus, <em>supposed</em> lack of unity among NYU students) that when friends phoned him and talked about their experiences in traditional colleges, he just told his friends he was living in NYC, because that was what it really felt like to him (instead of going to college). </p>

<p>Again, these are individual accounts so I can't generalize the school completely, though it's hard not to.</p>

<p>No, I was actually being serious...It's not really a big issue, it's just something I thought of...there aren't that many cons about NYU so it was one of the few things I could think of.</p>

<p>Lots of single girls, eh? ;)</p>

<p>^...well that just about outweighs any con...</p>


<p>I'm not a current student, but what compelled Michael Showalter of STELLA, The Michael Showalter Showalter, and The Baxter to leave NYU and head for Brown was NYU's lack of a campus and college atmosphere. Just thinking about NYU every minute these past couple of days makes me awfully tired of NY.</p>

<p>Haha you never know Freeze. :)</p>

<p>It's always nice to have a school with at least some semblance of social life.</p>

<p>hahaha agreed sylent</p>

<p>and vvvvaaaapppp, if i COULD leave NYU for Brown I would. I'm curious to know how many applicants choose NYU over Brown to begin with.</p>

<p>For someone who's lived in NYC for 15 years....all the hype about going to NYU to be in the city doesn't really apply to me. I'm actually trying to get AWAY from nyc for change's sake. This con thread is really making me think twice about nyu (depending on where else I get accepted and the fa packages). Anyone else from nyc feeling the same way?</p>

<p>they make it sound like its really hard to change your major, which would be really bad if you ended up not liking what you signed up for</p>

<p>Wouldn't it be better to stay undecided for the first few years then?</p>

<p>The cost is the biggest con for me because NYU isn't as generous as other schools. =/</p>

<p>djvu009, your comment reminded me of when I first went to nyu for a tour, and I was in a small group with a family from the midwest - mom, pops and junior. It was funny because they just seemed so stereotypically hillbilly - they wore plaid, the dad was wearing a big cowboy hat and all three were wearing farm boots :) They kept marveling over how much fun the "big city" was and how excited they were to be in the "Big apple". From the perspective of a long islander who has gone to the city at least twice a month for her whole life, it was pretty funny. They were also psyched about the macy's thanksgiving parade the next day...haha</p>

<p>The stuff I hate the most here is the campus enviorment, there is no community what so ever, and the grading curves. All my friends at other schools have a much easier time get an A or A-, over here they make you work your ass off and you still might not get it because of the curve</p>

<p>dantheman - What campus? What community? :) lol. This is the one complaint I hear most from NYU'ers, although the Village is a nice place to live.</p>