Consensus of oct 9 sat curve

<p>So what's the general consensus about the test? I heard that math was generally easier than normal whereas verbal was a bunch harder (woodward ********!!!). Any comments?</p>

<p>My predictions for top of the curve</p>

<p>Math: 800 800 780 760
Verbal: 800 800 800 800 780 770</p>

<p>Math: I agree with slipstream99.</p>

<p>Verbal: 800,800,800,800,790,770,760,750</p>

<p>wait, so if you get 2 math questions wrong, would you get an 800 or a 780 (according to your curve)?</p>

<p>I hope they tack on another 800 before it starts nose diving towards 700 for the verbal. i agree with math</p>

For math, 0 wrong would be 800, 1 wrong is 800, 2 wrong is 780, and so on (well, to be accurate, I should say a raw score of 60 is 800, 59 is 800, 58 is 780)</p>

<p>yeah those look about right...i hope the math curve is more generous though...</p>

<p>for verbal im thinking

<p>Keng, I think that curve is too generous. The only thing that was particularly difficult in verbal was washington woodward; I thought the analogies and sentence completions were relatively easy in comparison to the 10 Reals. There may be an 800 800 800 800 800 curve, but I think that is being very, very hopeful.</p>

<p>yeah... i see but october 02 was like that .... hence i copied from that chart. so i duno lets hope....</p>

<p>By the way, the October math section is taken from two sources (one from 2002 March, one from 2003 November), depending on which version you get; the math is pretty EASY this time; i pretty sure the top math curve will be (I'm at least 90% confident):</p>

<p>raw scale
60 800
59 790
58 770
57 750
56 730
55 720
54 710
53 700</p>

<p>I took the SAT in Nov 03 and I didn't recognize any of the problems...</p>

<p>slipstream99, every SAT has two versions (both math and verbal); u probably get the recycled version from 2002 March; sorry, it's ur bad luck!</p>

<p>Then why have I not heard of anyone having math problems different than the ones I have? If what you're saying is true, then half of the people would have a completely different set of math problems, which is clearly not the case. I think you're getting misinformation.</p>

<p>believe in ur own way, i'm not going to argue with u. but u might now know that sat is an international test. since u know CB is not that stupid, a person who took sat in western hemisphere should have different version from a person who took sat in eastern hemisphere. that's how they prevent cheating.</p>

<p>be wise, most ppl who came to cc r from U.S. that's why u haven't see a person argue about seeing different test</p>

<p>ok, i can buy that...but how does your SAT tutor know that the test was from Nov 03? Does he take the SAT on every test BOTH HEMISPHERES???</p>

<p>plz.....nobody can take two tests in a single day.</p>

<p>if u know that my tutor had received 12 1600's before, u can draw a simple conclusion: he is damn smart</p>

<p>he is so smart that after all these years of sat experience, he find out a pattern that CB used to design test. yes, to tell the true, there is a pattern of how CB setup and distribute their test through the world; only if u took every sat's, or u will never find out the pattern. my tutor said he found out this pattern after taking sat's for three consecutive years.</p>

<p>of course, he is unwilling to share his finding with anybody. he only told me what he think after i took my sat because that's illegal if he told me beforehand</p>

<p>if u really want to know the pattern; i will suggest u to start taking every single sat now, and keep taking them when u r in college. then, u will find out the pattern someday</p>

<p>Not to be mean, but that last reply was pretty ridiculous. Either you are making this whole thing up, or your tutor is lying to you.</p>

<p>Why does your tutor find the need to take all of these SATs? It should not be to prove himself, because once you have scored a 1600 twice, I would think you should be satisfied that you can do it 10 more times. If it was to find a pattern, as you have mentioned, knowing it doesn't seem like much use if he deems it illegal to distribute that information to others.</p>

<p>I hope he's not as annoying as that "Prof. Dr. Fikar," who actually has the nerve to charge $850 an hour for SAT tutoring and thinks that $400 is a fair price for an SAT book.</p>

<p>this is U.S; and everybody should believe in their own way. freedom is what makes this country special!</p>

<p>i believe my tutor; anybody can or cannot believe what i posted.</p>

<p>the fact will come out.....just the matter of time</p>