I’m a Freshman and I just have a question about college admission.
Just out of curiosity, what happens if you lie on a college application?
What are the consequences? My friend (who’s a senior who already
sent in college applications) once told me that he said he was the
prez when he’s really a secretary. I’m not going to tell on him or
anything but just out of pure curiosity…

<p>Usually nothing if its a lie that small. But that's a stupid thing to do. They're not going to be like "Ok, he's definitely in since he was class prez. now if he'd only been secretary, I'd have to reject him". There's really nothing to gain, and everything to lose.</p>

<p>Colleges actually might rescind his admission. Any lie can be grounds for rescinding admission or, if the student has graduated already, for revoking their college diploma.</p>

<p>Many colleges take their honor codes very seriously. In addition, colleges finding a "minor" lie on an application might also have very good reason to decide that a person who'd lie on their application is not to be trusted.</p>