“conservative” ? Northeast boarding school

Looking at BS options for our sporty DS. Seeking input on schools that are less leftist in the northeast.

What is the need for a ‘conservative’ school? Conservative in what sense? my school wears strict uniforms, has a lot of rules, certain policies are more strict than other schools, but a lot of the people here are pretty left leaning.


I mean politically, not in terms of religion or dress code.

I’m not looking for right wing either (although I doubt that exists in the northeast)

At which schools would diversity not mean conformity of thought? I’m not looking to stir the pot here, and I understand that it is very challenging for schools to navigate the waters of the current political environment.

I went to a very left leaning undergrad and questioning the narrative was NOT welcomed

Most schools have a left-leaning student body, but I wouldn’t say that conservative students are unwelcome or out of place (then again, I myself am politically left-leaning so I do not have that sort of perspective). Generally, if you don’t say anything factually incorrect or bigoted, you’ll be fine (this applies to students of all political leanings).


I’m centrist, and I feel at my school there are people across the spectrum of politics. I would say you are unlikely to find a school where everyone is ‘conservative’

Does your DS care about politics? Or do you?


Current events, including political events, are frequent topics of conversation in our household. I would say we are moderates politically

I do not expect my children to all agree on issues, and we try to regularly explore all sides of an issue.

We are looking for a school that encourages critical thinking and is willing to allow challenging conversations without labeling

I do notice some schools heavily emphasize left leaning approaches, my concern is that monolithic thought of any flavor is suboptimal for shaping minds.

We have a great teacher at our local private middle school who is adept at keeping political bias out of the classroom (we still cannot tell her political leaning, and all students are encouraged to state their perspective without fear of peer or teacher retribution)


You can gain additional insights about the school vibe by reading their newspapers (online) articles and following the school social media posts. You should also look at the school websites and see what clubs are active.

Check out what speakers have come to campus over the past few years.


The most commonly discussed schools here all project a very liberal political image. In addition, most students are liberal in their politics. Our school is one such school. That said, according to my kids, all political views are heard and included in the conversation, so long as those views are communicated respectfully.

Kids with moderate or conservative political views just need to know that they will be surrounded by liberal messages, postings, rhetoric, etc. And it’s often put forward as if it is fact. But that should just be considered preparation for just about any college.


Hotchkiss seems surprisingly apolitical so far to my child. He says there are plenty of kids all over the political spectrum there, and that the Republican Club is quite popular.


I know you asked about NE, but you might want to check out Culver.


Agree that, although not located in the Northeast US, Midwestern Culver Academy–a lacrosse powerhouse–should be considered.


I am looking for the same, we are moderate in many ways and looking for true diversity of thought. I have found just attending the virtual events gives a good sense of the overall atmosphere. I was turned off by one school that had only female students in all the panels and much of the talk was about feminism and gender issues, and more affinity groups based on race or sexual identity than any other type of groups on campus. At a certain point I feel like the schools are purposefully segregating students in an strange attempt to get them together. That doesn’t make sense to me.


If it’s lax you seek
If you’re outspoken
Not meek
Then reach
Do not yield
Apply to Deerfield!

If you want
To discuss
Without making a fuss
Then find a place
Thats more preppy
More “center right”
And more peppy!

Traditions you like?
Enjoy a fresh hike?
Then aim for “The Door”
No need to see more.

If you want discourse
That’s classy
Not nasty
Or brassy
Then Deerfield’s
Your fit
No one will
Get in a snit



That may be the best reply in a forum ever

At the expense of sounding too picky (guilty as charged), in terms of the lax powerhouses we are trying to find a program with great coaching (number one consideration >> wins/champs), but also a school where he won’t have to compete with 12 PG’s for a spot on the field.

Some schools may have 40+ guys on varsity (and many PG’s) which seems like a ton to me. he wants to PLAY and be challenged which is a tough balance, e.g. our local non sporty BS has lax and a great coach but they play JV teams of other schools and half the players are brand new to the sport

Some schools he is looking at have great newer coaches and are in a building phase which may allow younger players to get on the field

We had not really considered Deerfield but I think we should check it out, TY

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It does appear that the all boys schools seem to have less emphasis on D/E/I and social justice, etc. than the coed schools?

I don’t know about LAX at Deerfield, but they have 4 soccer teams. Sports for all are very important at DA.

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They have good lacrosse. Student body is more conservative but trending towards less rigorous intellectually.

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Lawrenceville School has a good bunch of conservative students. They are still the minority, but a sizable portion of the athletes (hockey, football, lax, squash) come from wealthy conservative backgrounds. My son attended Lville.


I disagree. I don’t think Lville is what OP is looking for. While there may be a handful of conservative students, the school is incredibly liberal in their thinking and leading.