Considering a change of major


<p>I am currently in a photography BFA program and I am technically a senior (transfer student). I have been increasingly unhappy with my major over the last two semesters and I feel like I have made a huge mistake in my choice of majors. I am very anxious over what to do and would really appreciate any advice I can get. I am torn between computer science, archaeology and geology. I also want to make sure I choose something that will have a greater chance of finding a job once I graduate. I feel like my chances of getting into any kind of science based masters program are pretty much nil with a BFA degree. On the other hand if I change I am looking at two more years of school at least. Should I switch? I really don't have many photo classes left to finish my requirements and I am thinking I should maybe add a new major and double with photo so I don't feel like I wasted all that time. Please help and I know I sound like a basket case but my education is really important to me and I don't want it to be wasted time. </p>


<p>Can you afford to stay in college for two more years?</p>

<p>If you are looking for which major gives you the best job prospects, that would be Computer Science. however, if that is an interesting possibility for you, it is not necessarily a requirement that you get a B.S. in Computer Science. You could take a minor in CS with the BFA in photography. This would take less time and give you some practical knowledge of computer science. A lot of software development requires creativity and having a BFA with some CS skills might turn out to be a good, and unusual, combination if you need to sell yourself. If you could get an internship in your final summer, it might be good too.</p>

<p>Computer Science. There is a large deficit of people in computer science in the US and it's a growth market. (I'm a CS major).</p>