Considering attending, any current students?

<p>So this is to any current students (maybe parents of current students) I have a few questions.</p>

<p>What kind of stuff is there to do on and off campus? What kind of scholarships and aid have other OOS applicants gotten? I got the collegiate scholar, already. I haven’t had a chance to visit, yet. Thanks!</p>

<p>Current freshman, just completed my first semester at the University.</p>

<p>Stuff to do: Tuscaloosa has tons of stuff. It's a fairly large city, so if you're looking for anything specific, I'm sure you can find it. Plenty of places to eat and shop, no doubt about that. This past semester, football has been huge: you will either hate or love gamedays. I'm a member of the Million Dollar Band, so I go to every football game, and it is an incredible experience. You will never experience a real SEC football game until you sit in the student section screaming at the top of your lungs.</p>

<p>But football (and maybe sports in general) may not be your cup of tea, but there are tons of campus groups to take up your time. Go Greek, join a club, do an intramural sport. I've played Quidditch on the Quad, I've had nerf wars in the park...Tons of stuff. And if Tuscaloosa doesn't have it, Birmingham is right down the road.</p>

<p>Scholarships: I'm in-state, so I can't really help you much there. I grabbed a Presidential Scholarship and an Engineering Scholarship; Alabama was very generous.</p>

<p>I may be in-state, but I really wanted to go to a school far from where I lived. My hometown is about two and a half hours away. Alabama is giving me that "adventure away from home" feel. It's a great place. Sometimes I miss it when I go home. It's that great of a place.</p>

<p>If you could throw any more questions my way, I'd love to help you any way I can!</p>

<p>Son is OOS (NC) Freshman Chem E Major. Never complains about having nothing to do.</p>

<p>If you are interested in engineering there are additional scholarship monies you would likely be eligible for:</p>

<p>Scholarships</a> - Undergraduate Students - The College of Engineering - The University of Alabama</p>


<p>What is your major?</p>

<p>Any additional scholarship awards will likely be thru your major.</p>

<p>T-town is a great place to be. Not too big, not too small. Lots of off-campus hangouts. Water sports on the Black Warrior river, hiking, biking, lots of intramural sports, clubs, etc.</p>

<p>What are your interests?</p>

<p>I am a potential history major, also considering poli sci and anthro as double majors. How do I go about applying for departmental scholarships? I am into sports, video games, dancing, movies, shopping occasionally, swimming, smoking cigars, all off the top of my head.</p>

<p>As long as you complete the general scholarship application, you will be automatically registered for any departmental scholarships you qualify for. I got an engineering scholarship and didn't apply for anything extra. It was quite a pleasant surprise!</p>

<p>So as long as you indicate what major you are and what college you are in, you should be registered for whatever monies are rightfully yours.</p>

<p>ABXY is the video gaming club at Alabama. Sports, there's plenty of that to go around, especially intramurals. The dance and theater departments are always doing shows and running quirky little classes like ballroom dancing and such. The recreation center has an indoor and an outdoor pool with a water slide, and the aquatic center has an indoor pool. Riverside has an outdoor pool. Between two and three malls in the city of Tuscaloosa, and plenty of shopping centers. Movie theater has an IMAX theater built in to it.</p>

<p>I am a potential history major, also considering poli sci and anthro as double majors. How do I go about applying for departmental scholarships?</p>

<p>What major did you put down on your app? </p>

<p>That is the major that you'll be considered for scholarships. You can't list a double major until next August.</p>

<p>If you're going to double major, then your best bet for scholarships is to name the major that mostly likely has funds for scholarships. But, keep in mind that you have to keep that major. If you later drop it, you lose any future scholarship dollars.</p>

<p>Of the 3 majors that you've chosen, I don't know which might have the best scholarship possibilities. Look at each majors' webpages for scholarship info.</p>

<p>You don't have to fill out any more scholarship apps as an incoming frosh. Your one scholarship app is it. But, you must name the major.</p>

<p>To change your major, go to MyBama...either the academics tab or student tab.....scroll down the left column for the link.</p>

<p>M2CK I have history listed as my major. So, if I decide to change to poli sci or anthro later, I will lose the money from the history department? Also, when will the departmental scholarships be released?</p>

<p>If you're awarded a dept scholarship for a particular major (like a history scholarshp from the history dept), then if you CHANGE your major to something else, you'd lose that scholarship.</p>

<p>However, you wouldn't lose the scholarship if you ADDED a second major.</p>

<p>M2CK// I'm sorry i just kinda join in the conversation. I have already received the automatic scholarship, and am looking for more scholarships. My intended major is economics and they do seem to have some scholarships available. However, i have 2 questions,
First, I put down my major as international studies for my admission application for the U of A (i couldn't decide whether to study international studies or economics), but changed the major to economics about a week ago, will i be considered for the scholarships from the economics department?
Second, I've looked at the economics department site and it seems like they have a lot of scholarships available for regional students from AL. Unlike the engineering department which guarantees $2500, they don't seem to have any guaranteed scholarships, do you know any of scholarships they offer?</p>

<p>Thank you so much for helping out!</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I know of no scholarships that the College of Arts and Sciences gives out guaranteed. </p>

<p>I did, however, receive offers from both the College of Engineering and the College of Commerce and Business for scholarships that I did not specifically apply for.</p>

<p>I don't know of any guaranteed scholarships from A&S either. </p>

<p>As far as I know, only Eng'g and some talent majors have scholarships that are awarded on top of the bigger assured scholarships. Usually dept scholarships are given to those who didn't get the big scholarships.</p>

<p>Did you switch your major to Economics in the College of Arts of Sciences (A&S) or the College of Commerce and Business Administration (C&BA)? While it is the same faculty and facilities, not all departmental scholarships are offered to students in either college.</p>

<p>I'm fairly sure i switched to one in C&BA since i wanted to participate in their university scholars program (BA and MA degree in four years). Which is more advantageous in getting scholarships you think?</p>

<p>This may go without saying, but take into account that they are NOT the same degree in the sense of what classes you take. They are two different experiences altogether, and you would take a different curriculum for A&S Economics than in C&B Economics.</p>

<p>I believe in A&S, you have more freedom in what classes you can take. In C&B, you will technically be a pre-business student until you meet the required number of hours in basic business courses, which is usually junior year. Then you apply for Upper Division, and only then will you really take classes in Economics.</p>

<p>University</a> of Alabama Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12</p>

<p>Just do some research in the catalog before you choose which major. But if you're looking at it purely for scholarships, then, from my experience, C&B offered me more scholarships. I'm sure the same would apply to you.</p>

<p>DS just completed his first semester as a freshman. He is OOS (NC) and on scholarship. He is double-majoring in History and Classics. He loves Bama so much that, as he told us at the breakfast table this a.m., he is having wish-fulfillment dreams of being back there. Yikes! :o</p>

<p>Students majoring in economics through A&S can participate in University Scholars as both the C&BA and A&S graduate programs (there are no differences in requirements between the two graduate programs) participate in the University Scholars program. It is also possible to participate in a University Scholars program different from your undergraduate major. </p>

<p>The trend seems to be that one majors in A&S economics if they have a second major outside of the business school (math and foreign languages are the exception to this rule as approved major combinations exist for C&BA economics majors) or is switching to economics from a major outside of C&BA.</p>

<p>Once you get into upper division or graduate level economics courses, there is little difference between A&S and C&BA economics majors other than undergraduate A&S majors taking more economics courses and undergraduate C&BA economics majors taking a variety of business courses as part of their degree requirements.</p>

<p>Hmm, it's rather complicated to decide on which economics major to choose since the difference is subtle.. I wonder which fits me better. I am looking to get in to business as my career but if C&BA's economics is more focused on general business study, wouldn't it be better to just major in general business? Also, finance was one of my choices for major and now I really can't decide on one..</p>

<p>Since you're looking for extra scholarships, you should choose econ in the B-school.</p>

<p>For those not aware, the business school has a common format for all majors that, except for a couple of exceptions, consists of the core curriculum requirements (modified for business students and includes 2 upper division writing-intensive courses), upper division core (one course in most every business discipline), 1 course with international content, and 18+ credits in the major department. Most business majors are required to complete a specialization or minor; the minor can be outside of C&BA if the student so desires.</p>

<p>Economics was traditionally offered though A&S, but was mostly moved to C&BA many years ago and is now part of the Department of Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies, the latter having the now-discontinued pre-law major. All of the economics faculty and departmental staff are C&BA employees and most all economics courses are held in C&BA facilities. A&S economics students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, whereas C&BA Economics students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration. Interestingly enough, master's degree students in both colleges earn a Master of Arts.</p>

<p>Officially, I'm a finance, economics, and mathematics (mathematical statistics track) major and a University Scholar in applied economics with a certificate in data mining. This is a pre-approved major combination in C&BA and requires 154 credits to earn both the BS and MA. A finance and economics double with a master's in either subject requires 136 credits iirc. </p>

<p>If you are interested in majoring/minoring in finance, I would recommend C&BA economics as the program requirements are more interrelated.</p>