Considering leaving A&M

<p>First off I find Texas A&M to be a great school for academics. I am a freshman business major and I have truly enjoyed the short time I have been at Mays. It is an incredible business school. However my social life here is next to non existent.</p>

<p>I would not consider myself the country type of person by any means, either am I into the aggie tradition. I consider myself out-of-state because I grew up in Washington State. I had only moved here two years ago with my family to Austin.</p>

<p>I have joined about 4 organizations. Most of which I have just about nothing in common with the other people in the clubs. The only thing we do have in common is the similar interested in the organization. Don't get me wrong I am a very open minded person but I have a hard time hanging out with people that are just boring.</p>

<p>I am into partying and having a good time. But I have a hard time enjoying Northgate. I have yet to be at a club that does not play country music. There are some with rap/techno but it's not the same when all the sudden country music starts playing.</p>

<p>Simply put I just don't fit in here, I am a snowboarder from the north not a country person from the south. Sometimes I will just feel that I want out of here but at the same time I don't want to leave a great opportunity in a future business career behind.</p>

<p>It sounds like you are just unhappy. If you can't find something other than country music on Northgate then you aren't going to the right place. My son hates country music and hangs out at Northgate often with friends. One of the places he has mentioned is Daisy Dukes. I'm sure they play the occasional country music song but that doesn't mean there isn't something for everyone. As for joining four organizations and not having anything in common with them...again...I think you just don't want to be there or you joined the wrong four organizations. I think it was said one time that A&M offers more than 800 different organizations. If you can't find something to do it is a choice you are making. Maybe you are homesick. Or just maybe, you want to be some where with snow. There is nothing wrong with finding out A&M isn't where you fit. Just make sure before you make your decision. You have only been there about six weeks now which is perfect timing for being a little stressed and a little homesick. Hang in there for this fall and spring. If at the end of this fall semester you're still feeling the same way, use the spring semester to find that place you think fits your personality and keep your grades up. I wish you the best of luck. Don't forget to go talk to your adviser. Better yet, there are some great counselors on campus. You are not the first to have these feelings and they can help guide you toward the right path that is best for you.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. I'm definitely not homesick at all. I really wanted to move out but it's just the culture here is so much different for me. I have been to Daisy Dukes and it is probably the best club as far as being not too country. The problem is that it's still so much more country than what I'm used to. I'm definitely going to stay here and give it a year due to my lease at the callaway house.</p>

<p>what music do you like?</p>

<p>What clubs do you go to in Northgate? The ones I've been to there, did not go close to playing a country song</p>

<p>I am a high school senior that is considering Texas A&M. I'm curious after reading the above posts, just how welcoming is Texas A&M to out-of-state students? According to the stats I read, 97% of the students comes from Texas. That's really high. Just curious...</p>

<p>Daisy Duke's is the only place on northgate that plays country. Nowhere else that I can think of does. I dont consider Harry's part of Northgate. One thing that can be frustrating as a freshman is that since you cant drink, a lot of people like dance clubs like harry's and the hall that play a lot of country. Try making friends that throw house parties and stuff.</p>

<p>I'm not too objective I guess, but I think A&M is the most welcoming campus anywhere. Have you visited? You can tell a lot by being on the campus. We had out of state friends in our group(one was from Minnesota). We found them to be interesting because they were different.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, if you aren't 21, then you will not get the northgate experience you are looking for. Really isn't the best place for underage people to be on the weekend.</p>

<p>Agreed, aggieengineer. If you are looking for refuge at Northgate, as a freshman, you are looking at the wrong place. There are plenty of 21+ clubs there that don't play country music.</p>

<p>Also OP, A&M isn't really a place full of "country people" as you depict it. Historically sure, but most people currently at A&M are in-state, and from large cities like Austin, Houston, or DFW (this includes myself). I've yet to meet someone unkind to individuals not from Texas, and I've been exposed to many internationals, Americans (in-state and out of state), conservatives, and liberals over my 4+ years here. </p>

<p>To me it sounds like you haven't met the right crowd, which is pretty common for a freshman not yet half-way through their first semester. Join different clubs, look at intramural sports, and try to keep an open mind. Expecting others to accept you, but not accepting them for their beliefs or practices is a little immature to be honest. IMHO, Give it the rest of the academic year, and if it doesn't work out for you there are plenty of other places (within and outside of Texas) that can suit your academic and social needs.</p>

<p>@kwench11... I know where you're coming from. I'm a freshmen from California and the culture here is just so different it takes some time getting used to. I think the best thing to do (and this is what I'm doing as well) is just hang in there for now because it IS freshmen year and I've had a lot of upperclassmen assure me that it gets better (mainly because you start meeting more people, getting out more, getting used to college life in general, etc). So for me personally, I'm waiting until I find more people and start getting used to Texas A&M before I start thinking about whether or not I wish to stay.</p>

<p>Unfortunately though, I have been personally ridiculed and made fun of for being from California as have a couple other people I know who are also from California. So I've definitely encountered some rude people here but I also know a lot of people who are accepting of me as well. It's about finding the right group of people, really.</p>

<p>I don't go to A&M, but I might be transferring in next spring (depending on where else I get in). However, as a soon-to-be transfer student, I have to say to you (kwench11) and anyone else in a similar situation: if you're unhappy where you are, get out of there and go somewhere you want to be. I have found that I'm not happy at my current school- the major I want isn't available, and I'm not a big fan of the people here or the city. It took a lot of courage for me to admit to myself and to my parents that I didn't like my school and wanted to transfer. If I can do it, anyone can. Also, if you decide to transfer, apply as soon as you can to other schools. Don't wait around for an additional semester or two. Try to get your grades as high as possible and crank out some good essays. Best of luck to any hopeful transfers out there!</p>