Considering switching my major to business.

Hello all, I’m a third year student at my California community college currently majoring in Computer Science and I"m debating if I should switch to business. My reasoning for this is because i’m realizing how much I hate to code. I honestly like my calc 2 and discrete math classes more than my programing class. Even though I hate coding I still love technology! I’m really desperate for advice. Thank you!

If you don’t like computer science because of coding, you should switch majors even if it takes an extra year to fulfill the business prerequisites. It is better to get into something you like than a long life career you hate. You probably have a lot of units taken and may have reached or close to the max in transferring to a 4 year university. You should consult with you ccc counselor.

If you don’t like coding then CS probably isn’t the right major.

However, FWIW no math past calculus 1 (or calculus for business) and statistics is needed for a business degree.

My problem is, is that I am sending my uc application for fall 2021. How would admissions view my application if I have no business classes taken until spring semester.

Normally, you should have prerequisite courses completed or taking concurrently during the application process. Consult with your community college adviser and also call the UC business school admissions or review the UC admission requirements. I assume you are applying to UCB Haas, UCI or UCR or all three.

Data Science or Analytics might be your future. Combination of business, math, and a little CS.