considering withdrawing from freshman accounting

<p>didn't do well on midterm (D on test) and now worried he should withdraw from the class and retake it. anyone know if it can be taken at iupui in summer and get credit? if not, is this a big setback? son is in a bit of a panic. he's a freshman kelley direct admit if that matters</p>

<p>any help or guidance greatly appreciated</p>

<p>I would say stick it out. Its a 1 credit class so it wont hurt his GPA too much if he gets a C or B. Make sure he understands the material 100 % I actually just took this same test and got a 34/34 (102%). My piece of advice would be to spend your time doing as many practice tests as possible. The tests are literally identical to the real thing, just different numbers. </p>

<p>If you decide to drop it, make sure you take it over the summer somewhere that offers it so you can stay on track for managerial and financial accounting. </p>

<p>Another route would be to take Financial Accounting over the summer at a community college and then take A 100 in the fall. </p>

<p>A 100 can definitely be tricky so make sure you start doing the practice tests as soon as they are released so you can sink in the information. Class average with the curve was a 72% </p>

<p>will pass all that along, that’s good input, thank u so much. good student, but pledging this semester along with other organizations, and a little heavier load than first semester could be an adjustment factor. everyone has an “oh crap” wake up call at some point i guess. hopefully will be a learning experience</p>

<p>As a direct admit, your son can take A100 at IUPUI in Summer I or Summer II session. It meets only once per week for only six weeks. My son took it with Scott Black (he is teaching the Wednesday night class in Summer Session II in summer 2014; although any of the instructors would be fine). They did not even cover managerial accounting in the class, and it was an easy A for him. The grade your son gets at IUPUI will be included in his Kelley gpa. I’m guessing an A would be easy for him at IUPUI, especially since he has already had exposure (and probably in way more depth than at IUPUI) to financial accounting concepts at IUB Kelley. </p>

<p>Also, Econ E270 at IUPUI is an easy substitute for, and counts as meeting the same Icore prerequisite as, Econ E370 at IU. ECON E270 in summers at IUPUI meets 12 class sessions, as opposed to about fifty class sessions at IUB during a regular semester.</p>

<p>Forgot to mention that the only prerequisite for E270 is M118 finite. If your son has that class already, he could do A100 and E270 at IUPUI in summer II with a schedule of Mondays 1-4:15p, and Wednesday 1-4:15 pm and 6-8:10 pm for the six weeks. <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>thanks for more good info. are there any other repurcussions to withdrawing from a class? he still has a decent amount of credit hours and gpa above 3.6 at least so far</p>

<p>As long as he doesn’t make a habit of withdrawing, it’ll be fine. Most kids drop/withdraw from a class once or twice in their four years. </p>

<p>Plus he’s a DA so he doesn’t have to worry about that W affecting his admission to Kelley</p>

<p>I don’t think withdrawing will hurt him at all. Maybe it would if he were trying to get into Kelley honors. But his gpa is borderline for qualifying to apply to Kelley Honors, as you need a 3.7 for that. My son had one “W” and lots of Ivy Tech and two IUPUI classes and he still got interviews with all the Big Four accounting firms and regional firms he was interested as an accounting and finance major. The W won’t count against his IU gpa, but a C would hurt it a little if he stays in A100. An A in A100 at IUPUI would raise his IUB/Kelley gpa. And there is the chance that if your son got a C- this semester at IUB. If that happens, his gpa will take a hit. Worse, a C- would necessitate him taking the class all over again (I think you still need a solid C for the course to count; hard to tell from the bulletin), and he would have to go to summer school anyway in order to be on pace to complete A100, A201, and A202 in time to take Icore the first semester of his junior year. It really isn’t a good Idea to take it later than that semester, as so many Kelley 300-400 level classes needed to complete most all majors have Icore as a prerequisite. So, you want give yourself three semesters to complete all your upper-level classes rather than only two.</p>