Consolidated Answers for the June 2010 SAT

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<p>PS - We would REALLY appreciate it if anyone knows more about the Writing MC's, because we are currently lacking the most in that section :p</p>

<p>Critical Reading:</p>


<p>Sentence Completion - 19/19
Compassion, Ruthless
Matured, Fulfilling
Severe, Upbraid
Pioneer, Vanguard
Complicity, Exonerated of
Fight, Rampant
Dispute, Strenuous
Crucial, Recruiting</p>

<p>-- Short Passage --</p>

<p>Rachel Carson/environmentalism
Marking a watershed moment in public

<p>Reading Promotes Learning
Make a claim

<p>Independent Films (Paired Passage)
familiar and overly alarmed
monetary concerns
passage 2 is more optimistic
Passage 1 describes a problem that Passage 2 sees as of little concern</p>

<p>-- Long Passage --</p>

to examine a topic in psychology
The dichotomy is hard to resolve with experiments
"account" = explained
muddling of cause and effect
walking, talking, potty training: people develop at different times
basketball players, other professions: broad application of a principle
Harvard researchers chose that specific group because "they had a specific talent"
presents an issue and then references specific studies
The kids did not know how they were categorized
Statement about ppl who practice but fail: "to demonstrate an inccomplete explanation"
10,000 Hours question (second to last): "even if one has a talent, one needs to practice for years to become an expert"
Inconclusive research</p>

<p>Boy and Author from Argentina
Recount unusual experience --> new understanding
happy in his subordinate role
author's impression with reality
apprehending --> perceiving
author's lack of control
valuable for readers make connections w/ past readings</p>

<p>Girl in Austria
father wanted her to go on the trip "to learn about her non-English relatives".
"freedom" means "releasing emotional burdens"
appalled = different viewpoints have equal values
likes her grandfather because "he talked about the present"
felt "disdain" for parent's nostalgia about tearfully watering plants
"loved father like she loved a horse" = elaborate on previous sentence
painful to stay because of "isolation"
the old ways are "snobbishly excessive"
Inability to empathize with her father
Wanted to increase her affection towards her relatives
The girl disliked those who engaged in "wishful thinking instead of accepting the present"
The passage explains the girl's views on her family</p>

<p>Zoos (Paired Passage)
products of human culture
condition: state of being
spectatorship: strong disapproval
savvy about nature of zoos
curiosities on display for audience
unconcerned with debates about zoo
fun comes at the expense of real insight of animals
do not offer authentic experience of wild animals
passage 1 makes argument that passage 2 finds unpersuasive</p>



<p>Birds were 1/4 of the pets
minimum of lxl-4 is -4
some divisible by 6
20 students question was I and II
72 degrees
2x+y was 104
6 X 8 X 4 = 192
number line was A
7/9 for pentagon in triangle
triangle in square 1/8
(0,a) 4x+2y=48-> 16
Pictograph of beach->C
c/b: 1/3
Chairs: 22
Triangle/square thing: 3sqrt2
90%/10%: 81
3 circles (AB=): 1
Some circumference thing: 10pi
Another circumference thing: 32pi
Slope of one side is m: -m
Temperature: 4.5
Four digit number: 9970
Phone: 6
g(0): 6
Systems of equations with infinite solutions: k=104
Juniors and seniors: 2/3
The rectangle was 4 by 4.
3^n sequence: none
Parabola [a(X-2)^2]: 8
4 or 28
AB/NB is 11
5x+3=4x+6 is 3
if x+y= 240, then what is z? 60
9/8 french students
pie graphs for x,y,z is A
perimeter of triangle is 18
36 people on the bus
the meal was 36
cb+cx=c-> 1
4 yards of cloth is 28.80
3 times a number is 4 greater than that number = 2
x+y=sqrt(n); (x+y)^2 = n
Multiply by 2, subtract 1 is 66</p>



compared Jupiter's weather to Earth --- "Earth" should be "that of Earth"
Although ...., but ... --- Although is redundant so answer is A
sister and I put our hand in lake --- should be "hands"
three things were being compared and "more" was used --- should be "most"
Stonehenge question --- "has been" wrong tense
a woman who would have "went" to college --- should be "would have gone"
women became a person in their own right --- plurality mismatch on "a person"
... one ..., you --- pronoun inconsistency, "you" is the error
Number of something, ...., "are growing" --- should be "is growing"
intent about --- should be "intent on"
enjoyed opera more than all types of performance --- should be "all other types"
molars question -- pay attention to</p>

<h1>29 = "That their works were criticized by famous artist who ... no surprise to ..." --- no error</h1>

In my case...
insert after the first sentence about scientists, i think #8
delete the sentence
"They also" purr when they are stressed
Cats purr when content; for example, my cat...
"seems to be the one" --> "is certainly plausible"</p>

<p>SECTION 10 (3/14)
Dinosaur question --- term...,was coined in year #, though scientists knew.</p>

<h1>12 D "as a result of either"</h1>

<p>Draconian question(#13) Fine as is. "as is indicated by..." A</p>

<p>Bumping this up so people don't miss it :p</p>

<p>I think domineering was the answer to the last CR question. About the boy in Argentina. Anyone?</p>

<p>What was the answer on the math section with the 2 equilateral triangles in the big triangle and you have to find the area of the quad, or something along those lines. I put that it was 7/9 but I'm not sure, you probably already have it up there.</p>

<p>@ r0kAng3l: </p>



<p>Yup, we already do. ;)</p>

The missing question is from the talent passage.</p>

<p>Opps didn't see that haha. Looks like I did pretty good, I definitely didn't get around a 700 but I'm hoping for a high 600? lol I'm not sure.</p>

<p>5x+3=4x+6 is 3
I feel really stupid, when I did this problem I accidently added 3 to the other side, not -3 wow that was definitely a stupid moment right there.....</p>

<p>Dinosaur question --- term...,was coined in year #, though scientists knew.</p>

<p>I think its not stated right.</p>

<p>It was more like</p>

<p>something something dinosaours, coined in 1814, meaning "terrbile lizard", was something something</p>

<p>also anyone remember the pencil question, something about pencils and lead pencils and the answer being " as early as"</p>

<p>@shaheiruddin wow thanks alot. this is great stuff. i was very nervous about CR but it looks like i did really well according to your answers. let me just know if your 100% sure about these answers or not. thanks a lot</p>

<p>I vaguely remember the question you're talking about, sha, but I don't remember that I put "as early as" as the answer. Though I can't remember what I did put...</p>

<p>^^ sry.. to fledgling</p>

<p>^ Haha, no problem. :) Though I really can't take all the credit; these were compiled answers copied and pasted from the respective threads of each section. I couldn't possibly have remembered all those answers on my own.</p>

<p>what do you think is the range for 800 CR?</p>


u guys r a bunch of noobs. I got a 2400 because my uncle works for the college board and he got me the answers lololol. soooo easy, i can't wait to go to vanderbilt


go to Vanderbilt and flunk out after the first week</p>

<p>umm okay here's an addition to the writing portion
Improving sentences</p>

<p>Maria would have went to college... should have been Maria would have gone to college (i think answer choice B?) correct me if i'm wrong.</p>

<p>range for an 800 CR anyone?</p>

<p>For improving sentences in the writing section, I remember two questions. </p>

<p>There was one about women pilots in WWII; I think I chose something like: "...women, a pilot, flew planes..." but the answer was probably "...women who were pilots flew planes..."; I didn't choose the latter because it distorted the meaning of the sentence, but looking back, the choice I did pick isn't even grammatically correct. So I don't know, I'll leave it up to you guys.</p>

<p>There was also one about workers and a strike, something along the lines of "Were they to offer something, the workers would not go on strike"; The answer was probably "If they would have offered something, the workers would not go on strike" or leave as is (unlikely since most people say there were only 2 no errors). I can't remember which answer I chose.</p>

range for an 800 CR anyone?


<p>64-67 raw = 800
63 raw = 780</p>

<p>That's my guess.</p>

<p>For |x|-4 What is the minimum for x? The answer was C 0 i believe which yielded -4.</p>