Consolidated list of book suggestions for writing the college essay

<p>I've seen several recs concerning books that help you write an essay, so I figured it would be helpful to gather the resources in this thread.</p>

<p>Here's one I've heard is quite good:</a> On Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptance and the College of your Choice: Harry Bauld: Books</p>

<p>I'd like to add my favorites:</p>

<p>Elements of Style (Strunk and White)
On Writing Well (Zinsser), the first 10 chapters (really only 67 pages or so)</p>

<p>Seriously, these were much, much more inspiring and helpful to me than any of my 5 other "How To Write a College Essay" or "100 Successful College Essays!!" books were. A foundation in GOOD WRITING is absolutely key to the college essay. I wish more students focused on good writing rather than the "topic"; I've found most fantastic college essays are great without having an outstandingly "unique" topic, or even a topic that is not an outright cliche.</p>

<p>These books guide you to writing clearly, concisefully, and thoughtfully. The three greatest and most useful qualities a college essay can have, also happen to be the hallmarks of good writing!! The books highlight the EXACT pitfalls that I see many other students commit here in the essays i've looked over, such as thinking that high vocabulary = good or impressive writing. Just the opposite. There's many subtler things the books also pick up on. Writers of any level benefit from these books.</p>

<p>These books are also actually fun and inspiring, and amazingly eye-opening, unlike the dryness you find in college-essay-specific writing books. They were what personally inspired me to become a better writer and push my college essay to the next level. I don't dare look at my commonapp essay now, haha, but it still was better than I could have done without.</p>

<p>Please, please get them and read over the summer! :)</p>

<p>Squidoop, you're brilliant! I've been looking over the Fiske book, and it seems quite good, although some essays are incredibly informal, badly written.</p>