Consolidated Recission Threads/Rescinded FAQ

<p>Let's put all the "will I get rescinded threads" here. </p>

<p>Anyways, here's a rescinded FAQ (feel free to add)</p>

<p>Note: I am in no way qualified to give advice. I'm just trying to help out. :)</p>

<p>Q. If I call the college, will they tell me what I must do in order not to get the boot?</p>

<p>A. Maybe, maybe not. Some colleges (i.e. the UCs) put what you must do in the admissions packet (i.e. for UC berkeley you must retain above a 3.0 unweighted GPA and get no Ds or Fs). However, even the UCs aren't that clear. The admissions contract basically states you COULD be rescinded if you fall below the qualifications. You may not be, but most likely extenuating circumstances would have to come into play. Because the UCs need money, I would be very careful about falling below the requirements IF you are on aid</p>

<p>For Privates: the better way to find out what you must do in order to not get kicked out is to email your regional admissions counselor. That person read your application and should be able to give you some advice. If extenuating circumstances come into play, make sure to mention those. Don't complain about teachers. The key is to take charge of your mistakes and tell how you will correct those mistakes. </p>

<p>Q. Do you know anyone that's gotten rescinded? </p>

<p>A. Sort of. I know someone that lost a trustee scholarship to USC because of a "D" in AP Physics C. His first semester grades weren't great either so that may have contributed. However, reading CC I have heard of a person getting rescinded from both UCSD and UCSC because of a "D." I also read about someone getting rescinded for extremely inappropriate behavior during Brown's admitted students weekend. I also read about someone that failed a couple classes that got rescinded from UCLA and someone that got multiple Cs that got rescinded from UCLA.</p>

<p>Q. What are the worst grades you know of that didn't get someone rescinded?</p>

<p>A. I know someone that got a "D," I believe a "C" and multiple "Bs" that still got to go to USC. The other person that lost the USC scholarship (see above) still go to attend too. I know someone that got a "C" and 2-3 "Bs" that is right now at an ivy. I know someone that got 4 "Ds" that still got to go to a mediocre school (tier 4). Four D's is pushing it though. The school was not very selective at all. </p>

<p>From CC, I've read about many people getting C's D's and even a few F's that haven't gotten rescinded from top schools. Top private DO NOT like to rescind in my opinion as they feel that they have made an investment in you. </p>

<p>Q. Any unwritten rules?</p>

<p>A. Not really. It's mostly on a case to case basis. I know that Stanford has a particular problems with lower than C grades though, so if you plan on going there, sacrifice some A's if it is needed to bring up a C D or F. I've also heard that the UCs are the hardest when it comes to rescinding. For example, UCLA rescinded 73 people last year (I think) and UC Berkeley I believe rescinded about 40. In comparison, Harvard rescinded 1 person last year. </p>

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