Consumer Digest: Safety of home-locks

<p>So we all know that home locks can be drilled by criminals. And, programs like brinks provide notification of entry, but dont provide much security: they more or less report directly to the police, who will come 10-30 min after the criminals have already gone in and looted everything.</p>

<p>I read in consumer digest (either nov or december edition of 2011) that there are recommended locks that CANT be drilled out.</p>

<p>I cant find old consumer digests mags anywhere, and, while consulting my daughter, she adamantly insists that her neighborhood is safe. She has agreed to get her locks changed (her landlord has agreed) However, I do not recall which door lock system it was!</p>

<p>Can anybody with an old nov or dec 2011 consumer digest magazine look up the Home door lock reviews and possibly list the high recommended ones?</p>

<p>PS I suggest everybody use a Addalock when in hotels, for safety.</p>

<p>Consumer Reports had a review on door locks a little while ago. The magazine's back issues are very commonly stocked in public libraries.</p>

<p>Why not just add a deadbolt? A deadbolt can not be drilled out and improves safety while your daughter is there.</p>

<p>If you are worried about theft while she's not there, yes, better door locks would help, but there are many ways into most apartments, and you can make yourself crazy with window bars, door bars, locks, etc. Why not buy a renter's insurance policy instead?</p>

<p>Or get a big dog?
A 70lb black lab is a deterrent to all kinds of baddies.</p>



<p>The keyhole is usually the weak point in a drilling attack; some high security locks have hardened key cylinders to resist drilling attacks. However, other means of entry may be more common:</p>

<li>Entry through unlocked door or window. Obviously, use whatever locks you do have.</li>
<li>Kicking the door in. Many door lock strike plates are secured only to the soft wood door frame. A heavy duty strike plate secured with 3" long screws to the framing stud may resist kicking attacks better.</li>
<li>Prying the door open.</li>

<p>A cordless reciprocating saw can get through any door in a short amount of time. They make some noise though.</p>