Contemplating Foreign Language Minor

My college offers a foreign language minor that requires students to take 2 years of 2 different languages. I’m starting to wonder if it will be worth it. I’m doing it in hopes of becoming proficient in the two languages.

For those who have taken language courses in college and/or minored in a language, would you say it would be more effective to study foreign languages on the side (such as through Rosetta Stone)?

Without the foreign language minor, I could possibly finish college a year early and use that time to get ahead in my career.

Whether 2 years is enough to be proficient depends on the language. If you won’t get to proficiency, it won’t be useful to go you so may not be worth the extra year. That year would be better used spent studying abroad in the target language.

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If your aim is to look for a job abroad, then having knowledge in multiple languages is definitely an advantage to increase your chances of being secured a perfect career. I’m working in a government licensed [url=<a href=“”>]Tadbeer[/url] Dubai agency and hence based on my experiences I can promise you that you will not regret if you learn two or three languages while you leave for a foreign country in search of a job.

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