Continuing ECs at College?

<p>Do Colleges expect us to continue doing our respective ECs at college? When I received my letter of acceptance, the adcoms made VERY personal letters and even discussed my ECs in them, and how anxious they are for me to continue these on campus. I wouldn't mind doing a couple of them, but I wasn't aware that we were supposed to continue them. I was hoping to try a load of new things that my HS doesn't offer.</p>

<p>Your admission to their college doesn't have any stipulations unless you're a recruited athlete. It's just their way of personalizing their reach out to you -- hoping to make a good impression on you. They're courting you because they know that you probably are fielding other offers.</p>

<p>Yeah - unless you're a recruited athlete, they won't follow up on you; they have no way of knowing which ECs you're doing on campus.</p>