continuing trend of more women

<p>There are more females at all UC campuses than males, which may be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Sure, more chances to meet girls, but what has happened to all the guys?</p>

<p>It seems to me that the UCs are accepting more females than males.</p>

<p>just think of it this way - this is how our hardwork in high school pays off! lol</p>

<p>think of it this way, by the law of supply and demand, if this trend continues, females will have to work harder and harder to maintain the same ummmm social power they used to have..........=P</p>

<p>Women make up 55% of Berkeley students.</p>


<p>the only UC that almost even break even is UCI which is 49.5%</p>

<p>MORE WOMEN IS GOOD! Jeez... too bad there was no sadie hawkins dance at Cal. OMG IMAGINE THE WOMEN I'D HAVE TO FEND OFF! MUAHAHAHA!</p>

<p>But seriously, girls tend to study harder than guys on average at the top 1% of students in America. They deserve it, nothing more nothing less. And yes, girls tend to let u copy their notes... but u might have to kiss them in return... muahaha!</p>

<p>Well then... I think I'll have to bring a bottle of water everywhere I go cuz all that kissing will make my lips dry :-P</p>

<p>you should have a bottle of water with you everywhere you go mean......gum and colonge right?</p>

<p>Im a man and I agree! The more women the better!</p>

<p>the other day, i saw an ad in the school newspaper by playboy............looking for berkeley girls to be in the magazine.......</p>