Contradicting Ideas

<p>I had recently written an UC personal statement and let my literature teacher read it but the essay was, in essence, rejected. I had written about an experience from when I was eight and the teacher said that it was not contemporary nor does it reflect the changes of "now". Then I had a student adviser for the UC I'm applying to read it and he thought it was interesting. I now have conflicting ideas about what to do or how to approach it. Although the statement that I wrote is a bit of the past but I think all my personal values are derived from when I was little. I would like some advise/opinion. Thank you.</p>

<p>If you think those values are what still stay with you, and you think they best characterize who you are, just go for it. </p>

<p>To tell you the truth, it's ALL up to you at this point, and I say you should just go with your gut. No one knows you better than you do! As long as the story is interesting, and grammatically correct, neither one of them can call your story "wrong," you know? I had my lit teacher proof all my work, decided I didn't like it, and completely changed it the week before and submitted it without her looking over it. Even if I didn't get in, I would have had the satisfaction of knowing I put in what best represented me.</p>

<p>Have other people proof it too - with just two opinions, you are bound to find differences like this.</p>