Conversion of Marks

<p>Apparently, an 80 - 84 in Canada is a 3.7. Compared to all you Americans and your report on marks, this seems pretty good? My marks are low compared to my peers (i'm only say top quarter) - and its really not hard to get an 80-84, in fact its kind of low in standards...most people get 85 + which is apparently a 4.0. so how would you say it compares?</p>

<p>An 80-84 in my HS is a 2.67, which is not too good. 3.7 in my school is a A-, which is pretty good. So you fall somewhere in between not too good and pretty good, depending on how you choose to view it.</p>

<p>Wow - I hope i'm not a 2.67. Well, our "A" system is from 80 - 100, with A + being 90 + and A being 85 - 89, A - 80 - 84. "B" is 70 -80, and so on. So its a little iffy of where I stand.</p>

<p>I think in that case they will put a little more premium on your physical rank instead of your gpa.</p>