Converting NEW PSAT score to NEW SAT score?

I just scored a 1380 on the new PSAT that was offered November 2015, and the percentile of the nation for me was 99%. What would I get on the new SAT exam? Will I get the same score?

Yes, I believe that the score is scaled down so that your PSAT should match your predicted SAT score digit for digit. Notice the maximum PSAT score is only 1520; this is because scores are scaled for the supposedly easier PSAT.

The conversion scale “matches” your SAT score. However, as @woakley5 has mentioned, the PSAT score is out of 1520. Moreover, the new exam is longer, a bit more difficult, etc. These factors may impact your score. The best way to gauge your score is via a practice test- try one of the 4 provided by Khan.

Nevertheless- great job!!! You got a very good score.

My kids did way better in the SAT than the PSAT. CB think that a longer test is harder because you get tired, there are more chances for mistakes etc. Al valid reasons. However, for some student that is not true and a longer test gives more chances to show what they know. I have seen the same in school. Teacher gives a short quiz and my kids make a careless mistake which is weighted much more (because there are less questions). Now in a longer test my kids do not keep making careless mistakes. They make only a couple but now they are weighted a lot less. It totally depends on the student. I tell anyone you will not know before you actually take the test.

@am9799 - you’re clearly referring to the “old” SAT. The new test is very different.

Yes but what I was trying to say is that some students do not fall under the statistical analysis that CB does. Isn’t the new SAT still longer than the new PSAT? Surprisingly some students benefit from a longer test. In other words CBs scaling is all done from statistical analysis of their samples and we all know that there are students harder to peg. So yes statistically speaking a student should expect to have a similar score. But you never know before you actually take the new SAT.

Thank you so much for all of you replies!