Converting old cassette tapes to CD or MP3

Wondering if anyone has used a service that can convert cassettes and mail it back to you with the new version? I have discovered some full-size cassette tapes from my very old answering machine. They contain messages from family and friends no longer with us, and I really want to preserve them. I know this is something that can be DIY with some minimal equipment, but I have zero aptitude for this sort of techy stuff and would prefer to hand it off to experts…

Would the devices listed at be of help to you?

Thanks @ucbalumnus . If I had any confidence in my abilities, one of those items might be a good choice. I was hoping to find a professional converter – as in a human one! :wink: My big fear is that I will not do it correctly and somehow erase these precious recordings. I suppose I could buy one of these contraptions and then find a tech-savvy human to assist me…

I really need a tech tutor. Seriously. I still use a Sony Walkman!! :wink:

I used a local company to convert old video and slides. Worth every penny.

Nooo… Find a high school kid that you know to do it for you. Pay them for their time. The contraptions are not bad and actually easy to do. If you have next-door app for where you live I am sure you can find someone.

Also they most likely degraded at some point. If these are old music tapes you will be charged for each human conversion. It just might make more sense to just download the music you want to mp3 if that is how your going to listen to it. Converting to CD VS mp3 can mean 2 totally different things. So how do you plain on listening to your music is the first question? . Like on your phone or a CD player? If someone converted to mp3 and gave you a list of mp3 it doesn’t mean it will play on your CD player. So you have to be careful what you are asking for. If CD player can it even read the mp3 files?

@Knowsstuff – the OP indicated that these are old answering machine tapes. She wants to preserve the voices of those she loves.

I got a small tape player/converter that plugged into my laptop’s usb port. As the cassette tape played, it was transferred over to the laptop and then I saved these as audio files. Was able to send these to friends who recorded these songs with me several years ago. We spent quite some time reminiscing.

This on amazon ^^^^^^^

Thanks all! :slight_smile: