Convincing Family

<p>BUMP. I bumped my own thread back up because i need advice. I have been accepted at Andover, Choate, and Taft. I'd realllly like to attend BS and need help convincing my mom to at least attend revisits and see what its like. Even if i only get to visit Andover. </p>

<p>I'm thinking of printing off the truth about boarding school, writing a note telling her how much i'd like to go, and trying to convince her to at least revisit Andover and Choate. </p>

<p>Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>This might help too: </p>

<p>Why</a> Boarding School? Benefits & Considerations - Boarding School Review</p>

<p>Good luck :)</p>

<p>This might help too:</p>

<p>Choate</a> Rosemary Hall: Admission » 25 Great Reasons To Attend Choate</p>

<p>Andover may have something like this too.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the sites crosscountry.</p>

<p>Here is information about Andover:</p>

<p>Phillips</a> Academy - Admission</p>

<p>Scroll down to "What do you like most about Andover?"</p>