Convocation clothes...

<p>As people at Penn are aware, it is currently raining horribly. I have only one pair of nice clothes - my job interview clothes. (didn't bring a dress to Penn, didn't think I'd need one at the time). I am reluctant to wear them because of the weather. Is nice clothes absolutely necessary?</p>

<p>No way. People get dressed up because they don’t know what else to do, but you’re going to sit in a disgustingly hot Palestra with all of your classmates to listen to a couple upper classmen talk about their experiences and what you should do next, the school deans talk about how awesome their schools are, the Glee Club and some random a cappella group sing, and then Amy Gutmann put her foot in her mouth for fifteen minutes. Do you need to get dressed up? Nope… get in your dessert-eating clothing because that is the best part of convocation.</p>

<p>Make sure you sit near the back if at all possible… quickest exit = quickest entrance to dessert!</p>