Cook Honors College Open House

<p>This IUP forum has been surprisingly quiet with no posts for more than a year now and I'm a little concerned at the lack of attention paid to the Cook Honors College, particularly by PA students and parents. I guess we'll find out about the school and program for ourselves as we're heading to Indiana this evening with our son to experience the Cook Honors College and the campus in general. As many of the older posts in this forum have noted, we were intrigued by the "red book" our son received from IUP and the program really does appear to be rather unique and special both within the PASSHE and among colleges and universities in general. I suppose we feel obligated to investigate our home state schools given the financial incentives but they state universities are even more appealing when you take programs of this type into account. The decision may in part come down to the aid package various schools offer and how they compare to the state universities. I'm proud to say my son is an A+ student (4.1+ GPA) with excellent test scores, varsity sports, vocal and instrumental music, years of German study, involvement with youth leadership in our church and at the diocesan level, and he's soon to be an Eagle Scout. We're hoping he'll have plenty of options as he heads toward his senior year and we're curious to see how he reacts to the Cook Honors College and IUP in general. I'll post our impressions tomorrow when all is said and done. I just thought a pre-visit posting might help to spur activity here in the IUP forum and perhaps bring some current students, prospective students, and fellow college-hunting parents into the conversation. More to come...</p>