Cool Facts About Our School

<p>Add any you can think of to the list so we come up with a really really long one ;)</p>


<li>Arch sings and Pton's amazing a capella (go TigerTones!)</li>
<li>Princeton University's art museum holds original Monets</li>
<li>Toni Morrison, nobel laureate</li>
<li>70% of Princeton alum marry each other :p</li>
<li>We have our own train, sort of (The Dinky)</li>

<li>The McCarter Theatre is right on campus, a world-renowned theatre</li>

<p>traditions listed on wikipedia</p>

<pre><code>* Arch Sings - Free late night concerts in one of the larger arches on campus offered by one or a few of Princeton's fourteen a capella groups
* Bonfire - ceremonial bonfire, held only if Princeton beats both Harvard and Yale at football in the same season
* Beer jackets - Each graduating class (and each class at its multiple-of-5 reunion thereafter -- 5th, 10th, etc.) designs a Beer jacket featuring their class year. The artwork is almost invariably dominated by the school colors, orange and black, and often features some kind of tiger-striping images of tigers.
* Bicker - Competitive weeklong selection process employed by certain eating clubs for selecting members.
* Cane Spree - an athletic competition between freshmen and sophomores held in the fall
* The Clapper or Clapper Theft - climbing to the top of Nassau Hall and stealing the bell clapper so as to prevent the bell from ringing and, thus, from starting class on the first day of the school year. For safety reasons, the clapper has now been removed permanently.
* Communiversity - an annual street fair with performances, arts and crafts, and other activities, designed to foster interaction between the University and residents of the Princeton community
* Dean's Date Theater - tradition of gathering late in the afternoon on Dean's Date (see below under "Lingo") outside McCosh Hall to watch other students run to hand in their papers before the final deadline. Some students perform cartwheels and other antics (if they are not running too late).
* FitzRandolph Gate - at the end of Princeton's graduation ceremony, the new graduates process out through the main gate of the university as a symbol of their leaving college and entering the real world. According to tradition, anyone who leaves campus through FitzRandolph Gate before their own graduation date will not graduate (though entering through the gate is fine).
* Holder howl - students in Holder Hall dormitory are known to wail, bellow, and screech after studying for hours on any given night
* Houseparties - formal parties thrown simultaneously by all of the eating clubs at the end of the spring term
* Lawnparties - parties with live bands thrown simultaneously by all of the eating clubs at the start of classes
* Newman's Day - students attempt to drink 24 beers in the 24 hours of April 24th, possibly named after Paul Newman
* Nude Olympics - annual frolic in first snow of the winter (now banned)
* P-rade - traditional parade of alumni (& their families), organized by class year, during Reunions
* Pre-ade - parade for first-year students; they walk from the Chapel to West College while being harassed by upperclassmen
* Reunions - annual gathering of alumni, held the weekend before graduation
* Robo-pound - unofficial drinking game of Princeton University, along with Beirut. Princeton rules require two teams, one quarter for each team, a hard surface, eight half-full cups, and one pitcher of chuggin' beer

<p>and don't forget</p>

<p>Meg Whitman, CEO and founder of eBay - Princeton alum and sponsor of the NEW Whitman Res. College plan</p>

<p>YEA! meg whitman created P-bay which is ebay for princeton exclusive!</p>

<p>-The Triangle Club, the oldest college musical theater group in the nation, and one of the few to send a student-produced musical on national tour. General frothing may commence.
-Intersession: the week between finals and the start of the spring semester at the end of January. Said to be the truly "Princetonian" break, for most stay around campus or go places with friends they've made while at school.</p>

<p>70% of Princeton alum marry each other, are you kidding me??? hahaha that is mad. and awesome..? oh and i think i have a few from the ridiculous plentitude of college books i own </p>

<p><em>T. Sweets - supposed to have ammmazing ice cream with mix-ins
James McPherson - the greatest living civil war historian
*we have college-sponsored excursions to Broadway shows !!! (I loooove Broadway)
*kegs are kept in the basement of the eating clubs (in what are called "tap rooms") separate from the dance floors upstairs, making it easier/more socially comfortable for non drinkers to still party and chill with friends sans pressure to drink
*we have a Stand-Up Comedy Club...</em>this is me on cloud nine

*NYC and Philly, two of the biggest cities in this nation, are each only about an hour away by train, totally accessible. Seriously.
* "to do the Prospect 11" = to drink a beer at each eating club, which I guess isn't as ambitious as Newman's Day but still</p>

*kegs are kept in the basement of the eating clubs (in what are called "tap rooms") separate from the dance floors upstairs, making it easier/more socially comfortable for non drinkers to still party and chill with friends sans pressure to drink


<p>Wow. I definitely did not know that. Big thanks for that one. Maybe the Street won't be so bad after all :p I also didn't know James McPherson was at Princeton. Too cool.</p>

<p>And yeah, you, shrek, and I (and anyone else who wants to come) will definitely be making the Broadway trek to NYC from time to time. I've got Wicked scheduled for the weekend after my birthday, and I can't wait to see what else is up there. The stand-up comedy club is gold, and I can't wait to see it. Hi-lahr-i-ous, I'm sure.</p>

<p>I wanna go to Broadway with you! Any takers for seeing American Ballet Theater and the NYCB?</p>

<p>I think they do a trip to the ballet actually, via residential colleges. I thought maybe I'd go so that I could be cultured. meheh</p>

<p>ahh....but note "a trip" will not be nearly enough for me.....I plan on "many trips"..... standing room is a highly underrated commodity, and I plan to take as much advantage of it as possible, Lincoln Center, here I come! lol</p>

<p>Ooh, I've never seen ballet before. Weekend excursion? Heck yeah!</p>

<p>ooh! ooh! come with me! it's like, the greatest coolest thing ever!</p>

<p>the residential colleges see yankee games, operas, broadway shows, and ballets so we will be seeing lots!</p>

<p>yall im so excited whooo go us!!!!!</p>

<p>rockettgerl - I LOVE BROADWAY TOO!!!! AHHH!!! im so in love with musicals...i have 147 show albums =X (but obviously musicals arent the only thing i love, i love hip hop too =P)</p>

<p>One. Hundred. Forty. Seven? Oh. Wow.</p>

<p>And yeah, you'll have to tell me what's going on so I'll know when to clap and when to shut up, jssballet. hahaha.</p>

<p>I totally want to go see a ballet, I almost saw it when I was in NYC, but that week they were in Chicago for some bizarre reason. And because I'm a big dork, I would positively DIE if I saw one with the guy from Center Stage, Ethan Stiefel... oh man.</p>

<p>prettyfish is back! long time no see-see. haha.</p>

<p>Ethan dances at ABT, in NYC, so we can definitely go see him! lol......though he'll be spending part of his year in Irvine at Ballet Pacifica from now on...</p>

<p>lol I have been sparse recently, mostly because I couldn't handle the "OMG WHEN DO WE GET OUR DECISIONS?" and "OMG CAN WE GET OUR DECISIONS ONLINE" etc. etc. posts. I was going to become permanently cross-eyed, pretty sure.</p>

<p>And oh man I would die a happy woman were I to see him dance. Seriously. We MUST go see at least one ballet, but really, a whole bunch.</p>

<p>Also, that see-see joke was a really horrible pun. And I didn't even get it at first. I'm ashamed.</p>