Coolest dreams ever

<p>I had a dream about rush hour 4 and carter was chasing down suspects that were super highly trained ninjas that could run across water and lakes and **** like that</p>

<p>then they found them in the ninja base and they had the greatest duel ever</p>

<p>then i woke up and had to go to school =(</p>

<p>cool story bro, and imma let you finish, but i was the best ninja ever.</p>

<p>Dinosaurs living on an airless moon waging war in it's subterranean caves with laser and plasma weapons. There was triceratops rape involved. And raptors.</p>

<p>cool rape bro, and imma let you finish, but .............nvm......awkward topic.</p>

<p>Interspecies? :O</p>

<p>I dreamed that I was looking for a purple potato. I was in a huge cavern with massive bookshelves, everywhere. Light streamed down beautifully from a central shaft. I flew around for a while and eventually found my purple potato sitting on top of one of the shelves.</p>

<p>Cool stuff.</p>

<p>The other night I had a dream where I was taken to this two-week competition (the winner would get to go to this four-year high school) and I was scared to go to the competition because I was too emotionally immature and couldn't even pack my bags by myself. When I told the competition director I was scared she was like "that's ok, the competition organizers are very skilled at comforting people." She also told me to go to the top level of competition (for 13-14 year olds) because I was too smart for my grade (apparently I was a little kid?)</p>

<p>Anyway, the first task involved reading this really intense physics book with differential equations and stuff I barely understood, and the person holding the book was walking really fast and turning the pages so I had to skim the book and walk at the same time. I only understood the last line, which was like "1/2 mv^2." When they asked me what it was about I said "linear analysis and differential equations," and they were like "we're impressed because it was actually linear algebra" and somehow they thought I used more sophisticated words because I was smarter? Anyway, apparently I did better than all the people there because everyone else was just as clueless as I was. So I got to proceed to the next task, which was a test of emotional sophistication.</p>

<p>Kind of the story of my life ... but way cooler because I woke up right when things got difficult.</p>

<p>My favorite dream was when I was part of the Scooby Doo gang and got to solve mysteries with them. Dave Grohl was a part of it too, which made it 10x more awesome. It wasn't some innocent Scooby mystery though, we were tracking down a serial killer. Jinkies!</p>

<p>I was in an asteroid belt in space and jumping from asteroid to asteroid. It was exhilarating!</p>

<p>My most epic dream ever took place in the middle of that swine flu craze. I started the fish flu.</p>

<p>I once had a dream where I was in a castle that reminded me very much of the Hogwarts castle and I was fighting these people who all seemed intent on killing me. Except I was watching myself do all this from above, which was odd. And then I watched as one of the people shot me with an arrow and ran away. Then I died. Strange.</p>

<p>I always dream that I'm pregnant.</p>

<p>Guys, I've never even kissed anybody. XD</p>

<p>According to Freud dreams contain repressed thoughts. Maybe you want to get pregnant. JK I have to much psychology HW.</p>

<p>//Guys, I've never even kissed anybody. XD//</p>

<p>You don't have to kiss someone to get pregnant.</p>

<p>All of my dreams consist of naked ladies shooting up men in a wartorn battlefield.</p>

<p>Like shooting up as in bullets or shooting up as in heroines?</p>

<p>what a nice dreams u had guys! i have many dreams, but unfortunately i have forgotten all already. lolz =)</p>

<p>I love you Karver!!</p>

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<p>GRR, my dreams are always good at the beginning and then something I don't want to happen occurs so I give up on that dream, MOAR LUCIDITY PLS!</p>

<p>A couple weeks ago, I had this really badass dream about me and Leonardo DiCaprio. Basically, Leo and I did something spy-like or illegal or something. We peel away from the scene of the crime (my local movie theater, lol) in this really awesome car (don't know what kind) and head to my house to get some stuff. Well, all of a sudden, the guys that are looking for are at my house and shooting at us! We leave again, and end up at some motel. We only stay there for like 5 minutes, and they're there again. This happens a couple more times with a couple other places, and we eventually end up at some like abandoned house. Then, we have this really epic end battle. I swear, that dream was like a movie! It was the best.</p>

<p>Last night, my dream was about spending time with this cute girl. :)</p>