Coolidge Scholarship 2021

Any of you guys apply this year? How are y’all feeling?

Hey! I just submitted my application. Tbh it’s really a crapshoot (like many other major scholarships), so I’m not really expecting anything. But it was a good experience getting used to writing essays! How about you?

I agree, it’s definitely like a lottery ticket. I probably won’t end up as a finalist, but I think that I have a shot at maybe senator? Don’t want to jinx it though lol

I definitely enjoyed writing the essays as well. What did you talk about for them? I discussed how he was self-reliant for #2 and reiterated his speeches for #3. #3 was definitely the weakest of my essays so :confused:

Yeah same here lol. I’m only betting on getting senator. I don’t think I have the credentials and good essays to come close to becoming a finalist.

The essays were definitely interesting. I kinda liked the fact that 2 and 3 were more analytical essays than personal statements. I talked about how he valued and supported equality and civil rights for the second essay. For the third essay, I just answered those four parts and provided some historical context for them. (I didn’t know what else to do lol). I kinda feel my first essay was the weakest because I suck at creating stories in general, but idk. We can only wish the best ig lol. So how long did you take writing the essays?

Yup! Just submit today because I found out about it over the weekend lol. It was a bit rushed but I think I might have a shot at senator? :crossed_fingers: I wrote about balance for essay 2 and just answered the questions they gave for essay 3. The word counts were so hard to stick to. At first I couldn’t reach 400 at all but once I was done I was around 500 for the first 2 essays so I literally just sat there cutting out words and rephrasing random stuff here and there hahahahaha

@mastermap9999 I learned about the scholarship in October, and then I think I started the first essay in December? I kinda dropped off writing and finished most of them the weeks leading up to the deadline. I started and finished the 3rd essay over the weekend lol

I lowkey hope it’s stats/academics heavy, and then ECs, and then essays, but I’ve heard that essays are weighted really heavily. I wonder what the criteria for being a senator is - the organization releases the finalist bios but not for anyone else

Yeah, I applied. I’m very confident in my essays, I wrote about wisdom and used his vetoes as one of a few supporting examples. I hope it’s essay and resume heavy lol.

I applied. Every opportunity is worth the shot even if there’s a strong likelihood of not being selected.

I really liked the prompts for this year. I wrote about industriousness for the 2nd one and his ideology of less government intervention that he formed growing up for the 3rd.

Did any of you guys submit any test scores?

Yep. I submitted my SAT, PSAT, AP scores, and rank/GPA.

What were your scores and rank if you don’t mind me asking?

I received a 1580 on the SAT, a 1500 on the PSAT (sophomore year, mine haven’t come out this year yet), 4 5s and 1 4 on AP exams. I’m ranked 1/583 at my school.

What did you submit?

I received a 1580 as well on the SAT, I didn’t submit PSAT because ours was cancelled in both October and January. I submitted 3 5’s on AP exams. We’re only allowed to take 1 in 9th and 2 in 10th so I hope they understand that bc I’m taking 6 this year with 4 dual enrolled classes. I’m ranked 3/811 at my school.

Dope. Good luck to you - hopefully we’ll see each other at the summit!

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Dang, that’s impressive. I’m a US citizen who just moved here but I have IGCSEs and great extracurriculars. Do you think the lack of SAT eliminates me directly?

I think that it should be fine especially with Covid. I don’t know how they are going to evaluate applicants but I feel like they probably view extracurriculars a lot bc of how they want their applicants to be interested In public policy so they prolly want your resume to express that. What extracurriculars did you do if you don’t mind me asking?

I was mostly involved in my school’s policy because French education is way more about academics than ECs, I did what I could (also if I may ask, what were yours?).

Elected to School Board

  • Passed a budget to rebuild degraded parts of the school (toilets, classrooms, courtyards, bus stops) and repaint older parts of the school, made students enjoy school on campus
  • Passed a budget to fund extra classes for native English speakers to prepare for IGCSEs and A-Levels
  • Reformed school discipline code to be more forgiving for marijuana/smoking charges (many kids came from disadvantaged areas). Discipline cases went down and grades went up
  • Raised 15,000 euros for trip to Italy in latin class, 3 years separate years
  • Founded the first Student Body Government that was entirely run by students, allocated funds and a classroom
  • Chief graphic designer for major school events

President of Student Body Government (8th-10th)

  • Raised 10,000 for Pieces Jaunes (French charity org.)
  • Started toy drive with Restos du Coeur around Christmas to give gifts to the disadvantaged
  • Brought in people who work in trades to destigmatize trade jobs and broaden horizons
  • Planned, designed and organized the first “Homecoming” dance our school has ever had

Class President 6-10 grade

  • Responsible for going to end-of-term meetings and communicating problems between the kids and administration.
  • The main challenge here is that I had to speak both English and French fluently to communicate between everyone.

Model United Nations

  • Organized MUN seminars with 30+ kids at lunches
  • Planned a week-end MUN session with schools from Paris & other major cities

Tourist film competition

  • Filmed a movie to encourage tourism in our town, recognized by government and awarded 1000 euros

National Holocaust Remembrance Competition

  • Won state-wide 1st prize for short film competition with our film team
  • Semifinalist for writing portion of this competition

I really like your extracurriculars. They definitely are more in the social science field so I think they do a pretty good job relating to public policy. My ECs and awards that I listed on my Coolidge resumé were


Model United Nations / Outstanding Delegation ​

  • Participated and won 7 awards such as Outstanding Delegation and Honorable Delegation at conferences on the regional, national, and international level at universities such as UNCC, UNC, UPenn, and William and Mary.

North Carolina Democratic Party / Outstanding Leadership September 2020

  • Received an award and youth feature for my leadership, efficiency, and effectiveness leading Democrats in North Carolina.

Economic for Leaders / Participant July 2020

  • Selected and attended Economic for Leaders, a rigorous and selective summer program that teaches integration of economics


Asian Grill / Manager ​- Waxhaw, N.C. April
(5th - present) *Family restaurant!

  • Manage monthly payroll of $60,000 for 20 employees, along with food shipments and payments that are approximately $10,000 per month, and responsible for the opening and closing of the restaurant.

Youth in Business / Head of Recruitment and Public Relations
(10th - present)

  • Oversee 4 regional directors. Organize national economic competitions and public speaker presentations with schools such as the Haas School of Business. Established multiple economic clubs throughout the US.

Gao Admissions / Marketing Intern ​- Columbia, N.Y.
(8 weeks, Summer 2020)

  • Created social media content and analyzed data from social media platforms. Increased viewership rate of social media accounts by approximately 40%.

North Carolina’s Teen Democrat Association (NCATD) / President
(10th - present)

  • Serve on the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) Executive Council, Executive Committee, Platform and Resolutions Committee, and Young Democrats of NC Executive Committee. Coordinated and hosted events for the Biden campaign and NCDP Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus. Organized Asian youth through the U.S. to help mobilize AAPI communities in swing states for 2020 general elections and local elections.

Model United Nations / Officer ​
(9th - present)

  • Plan and organize overnight conferences, meetings, lesson plans, and also manage social media platforms and communication with club members. Chaired 5 local conferences.

Sunrise Movement Ballantyne / Co-President and Co-founder
(9th - present)

  • Collaborate and host town hall meetings with local Charlotte politicians, focusing on social justice and advocacy.

Ardrey Kell Chronicle Newspaper/ Editor of College and Career Section
(10th - present)

  • Oversee the College and Career Section of the Ardrey Kell Chronicle Newspaper and 12 journalists.

wow that’s amazing! i feel so nervous because i only took one ap sophomore year and got a 5 but do you think this would be a good example of public policy and leadership esp with the nonprofit stuff?

Aster Lit, Co-Founder, Iowa City, Iowa 2020-Present
Direct international literary journal/podcast created by Between the Lines Writing Program alumni, amassed 20,000+ media impressions, interviewed 2020 National Youth Poet Laureate and Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate Rhiannon McGavin
Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform, Advocate, New York, NY 2020-Present
Selected to work with HRH Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite, Royal Academy of Science International Trust, and fellow Advocates towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, co-lead Scientrepreneurs and Braille in Science initiatives, publish #February11 book to be featured at UN ECOSOC Panel 2021
Bridge to Literacy, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director, Staten Island, NY 2019-Present
Direct international, President’s Volunteer Service Award-certified literacy nonprofit serving 100+ under-resourced students across Kenya, Mexico, China, Honduras, Ukraine, Israel, and Gaza, $3,000+ raised in funding from U.S Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and The Hershey Company

English Tutor, Tutor, New York, NY 2020-Present
Improve student reading fluency and comprehension through tutoring 2nd grader virtually 3 times a week
Climate Museum, Intern, New York, NY 2020-2020
Created climate activism multimedia displays under NYC Climate Directors/PhD candidates’ mentorship
GOALS Navigator Internship at the Intrepid Museum, Intern, New York, NY 2019-2020
Organized Youth Events, studied STEM entrepreneurship, promoted GOALS for Girls STEM Program

Girl be Heard, Company Member, New York, NY 2020-Present
Performer at NYC’s premier social issue-oriented spoken word theatre company for young women recognized by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Viola Davis, performed at Girl Be Heard: Unplugged Showcase
University of Iowa Between the Lines International Writing Program, Student, Iowa City, IA 2020
Selected as one of 13 writers across U.S in writing intensive, received mentorship from International Writing Program graduates and internationally published authors
National Geographic Youth Engagement Workshop, Volunteer, New York, NY 2019-2020
Designed youth and climate-themed activism initiatives with National Geographic staff, global social change agency Purpose, teachers, and NYC students

Awards: **The ConversationaLIST Honoree, Education (2021); Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold Key (2021); National YoungArts Finalist Play/Script (2021); VFW Voice of Democracy 3rd Place NY State (2020); NYC Youth Poet Laureate Finalist (2020); 1st Place Hadassah Magazine Teen Essay Contest (2020); Featured Performer Columbia University Earth Institute Intergenerational Poetry and Song Circle (2020); HOBY State Seminar Ambassador (2020); Quality of Life INNOVATIONS 1st Place Winner (2020);Diamond Challenge New York 2nd Place (2020); UN Speaker (2020); Climate Speaks Finalist (2019); NYC YMCA Youth Volunteer of the Year (2019)