Coolidge Scholarship 2022

Hey ya’ll, I just submitted my application for the Coolidge scholarship. My grades aren’t as high as some of those who applied in the past, but I have hundreds of volunteer hours and my essays are excellent. I just wanted to start this thread to see what other peoples stats are, and to see when everyone gets their emails. Lmk! Here are my stats:

GPA: 3.7/4.0
Volunteer hours: 250+ hours
National art honors society

How important is volunteer / community service for this scholarship? Does church service count? Anyone know?

Also, does anyone know how competitive it is? Like how many applications do they receive, and how many scholarships are awarded every year?

I applied too. I heard that there are 3600 applications for 4 scholarships :flushed:

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I heard that volunteer hours are really important but idk exactly how important. I think church service counts… All of my volunteer hours come from volunteering at a middle school ministry weekly. Also, does anyone know exactly how many applicants they got this year? Or why they extended the deadline by like a week? I heard 3600 applicants was last year and that they only give out 2-3 scholarships per year. It’s really competitive!!

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Best of luck to everyone who applied! I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers

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same to you!!

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Hello! Wondering if anyone knows anything beyond the “everyone will be notified by July 1” information. I feel like my summer is kind of hijacked pending hearing about the trip to Woodstock and to DC. Any ideas?

July? I thought it said June! Did it change?

My understanding is everyone will be notified by June 1, but people in past conversations have said that they received their emails a week or two beforehand if they didn’t make it to the interview.

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I applied as well. 3600??? Yikes.

My stats are:
GPA-99.2 unweighted
Ranks top 1%
PSAT 1500

My extras are decent and mostly community service focused including a religious school teacher.

My essays were decent, but I honestly don’t know what makes a good essay for something like this.

The odds are stacked against us for this, since only 4 get it and only 10 get interviewed. YIKES


your stats are higher then mine!!
Good Luck!

Hey! Does anyone know the dates of the Senators and Finalist weekends?

Its May! getting closer to june -I can’t wait to hear my status.
How are you all?

I know! I can’t wait either but I’m kinda nervous! We’ll know in just a few weeks though….

Results are out! My son got into the Senators Program!

How exciting! I just got my results. Unfortunately I didn’t make it

same :relieved:

wow congrats!!

Congrats again to your son! Would you mind sharing his stats?

wondering the same…